The new Apple TV


The app updates to support Apple TV are starting. I’m pumped for Alto’s Adventure, it’s a fun little game and should translate very well to the big screen.


It feels like Christmas morning as a kid :smiley:


This is exactly what I’m hoping for. The local services are finally getting their act together with streaming, and to have them alongside Hulu, BBC and Sky News UK would be a massive convenience.


Theoretically, they can just make it completely iOS based, add a camera to simulate touch-screen on TV, and imagine what you can do then…


Bit disappointed theres no news of Plex or Infuse. At least James has created an AppleTV 4 Infuse forum, theres nothing specific in the PLex forums at all. Think I’m going to wait a while before I buy.


Apple George St store have them in stock (so they say) and on display. But they could not sell me one because they are still putting them through the system. Varied responses about when they would be ready to go. Ranged from 30 minutes, to lunchtime or late afternoon.

Friday Morning News

Thanks for letting us know! Fingers crossed they’re ready by the time I go to Chermside today.


At Apple in George Street, Sydney. They said it is not available to purchase until after 12pm.


I called Apple Chermside and have been told they haven’t received the shipment yet, but it will be available for sale today some time after lunch.


At least you can get it today. I checked the App Store, but the Plex app is not there yet though.


Any australian apps aside from ten play and stan?


Simplex is an interesting front end though.


Got mine and set it up.

Initial impressions.

Virtual keyboard using the touchpad I find more cumbersome than the one from prior versions. What made those apps that don’t provide a pin to connect the AppleTV to my accounts a pain in the ass. Everyoen should do that.

Siri/Universal search. Pretty crappy I’m finding. Beyond the standard typical siri failing to understand what I’m saying frequently, I’m finding (from a few searches) that if I search for something it does not always provide a netflix link even if netflix also has the thing. Which is a bit weird.

Computer. I really don’t like that Apple did not create a new interface for accessing content on my PC. I find that really pretty awful, so I was hoping to see a nice new interface for that. Of course I guess now that I have a plex client (albeit third party today) I probably won’t need to use that.

Apps. Unsurprisingly no local catchup apps are there aside from Ten. I kind of thought Seven might have been seeing as they pushed up a update to Plus with Live Streaming a few days ago. Interesting to see how it seems Telstra is doing a better job wrangling local app makers than Apple Australia (and Google with regards to AndroidTV). One surprise was seeing the AnimeLab app there. Did not expect to see that day one.


Seven’s official live streaming launch isn’t until next week (timed alongside the Melb Cup), so I assume we miight see something around then. Their PS4 app doesn’t have streaming available either, at least not when I checked last night. I’m looking forward to a native ABC24 app as well.


George St Store now selling them.


Apple TV purchased!


Which app store? Can anyone see it?


The App Store on the Apple TV. I checked if Plex was available whilst in the Apple Store, but it wasn’t. There was a third party app called SimpleX available, but it was $4.99. It looks nice though (the developer has been posting about it in the Plex forums).

The official Plex app will be free (but you need to be a Plex Pass subscriber to get extra features). I have a Lifetime Plex Pass Membership so should be good.


OK, thanks. I wasnt sure if there was a way to see apps any other way. Yeah I read something of SimPlex in the forums, but I think I will wait for the native Plex app too. Might order sooner than I was intending. TBH I am also looking forward to INfuse as well, unless James makes that a paid app also, I already gave him a massive amount of money :slight_smile:


No luck. Chermside has them now but are still waiting for clearance to sell them. They were checking again at 2pm. Guess I have to patient until I can get there again on Sunday :frowning: