The new Apple TV


how do you play the games with Provenance?


What’s the easiest way to use Netflix but American region, such as using Turboflix? while still having an Australian Apple ID


Most of us use Getflix… I dont know anything about turboflix at all. Does it have some easy way of changing regions? That would be the ideal.


Theres something called TVPLayer in the UK app store which is free, and then for an extra 25 channels its $4.99 a month (oh that ought to be british pounds but I have no idea how to make the pound sign).

Anyway, its only on the UK store so… any recommendations for UK voucher purchases? Lowest denomination possible, its too damned expensive. Anyone got a reliable source?


I use Offgamers for all my iTunes credit, but you do know you can create a UK iTunes account without having to purchase anything, right?


Straying way O/T here, arent we :slight_smile: I know that one used to be able to do that, but I can’t see how we can, anymore, when theres only CC or voucher for payment options. I created my US account when “none” was still an option. How to create the account without giving some kind of payment option?


Do this in iTunes. Log out of your current account, then switch the store to the UK using the flag at the bottom right of the iTunes page you’re on. Find a free app, it can be anything, and go to download it. It’ll tell you to either login or create an account. If you create an account this way you’ll get the option to put “none” as the payment method.


:slight_smile: Thanks. That must be what I did for the US store, and failed to remember. Damn (looks for that bottle of Gingko)

[edit] Sadly… No. It did not give an option of “none” no matter which way I did it.


You can use the Siri remote or add your own mFi controller. I just loaded Fire Emblem for Game Boy Advance and it played fine with the Siri remote. Just takes a bit of getting used to working out what the controls are.


Cool. This might replace my raspberry Pi now.


Re “Sideloading” this is just a feature of Xcode 7.0. You can load any apps you develop onto your own devices (previously you need a paid developer account to do this, but no longer). I did read that there is a catch though that any apps you load onto your own device will expire after 90 days, so you would need to reload it again. I have no idea if the same rule applies to the new ATV.


Xcode tells me my Auntie Player and Provenance certificates expire in February 2016 so that’s consistent with the 90 days you talk about


Someone has created a web browser that can be side loaded onto the Apple TV. I’m going to try it today.


I cant be arsed with sideloading I’ve decided, since you have to redo it all every 90 days. Bah!


Well it’s rubbish so I’ve deleted it. It shows mobile versions of websites and you cannot login to sites if you need to.

Meanwhile I saw the Cricket Australia Live app get released today so I installed it only to discover that unlike it’s iOS counterpart you cannot view live streams with it. Because you know, who’d want to watch a live cricket stream on their telly?


Could be kind of handy if it showed scores and Apple brought the “picture in picture” like the iPad, where you could keep the scores or a live stream in one corner.
As I don’t hold out any hope of Siri learning about other sports like AFL and cricket and being able to give live scores and stats like it does for USA sports.


I created a UK account this weekend using this exact method, worked for me!

I clicked ‘get’ on whatever the top free app was, and was prompted to create a UK account. After the username/email/address/password settings (I used my old college dorm room for the address), the payment methods offered were the standard cards, then ‘none’.

TVPlayer’s picture quality is surprisingly good, once it’s done buffering. I’m only interested in the main channels so not going to bother with that monthly fee.


Thanks, Steeley was kind enough to set it up for me. It was user error at this end that failed me. :slight_smile:

I wasnt very impressed with TVPlayer, when I tried it I had dreadful pixellation, but am hopeful for separate BBC and ITV players sometime soonish.


Plex is definitley the selling point for me to upgrade! currently have a mac mini which is a really expensive option for running plex. Looking forward to seeing more app’s like AFL, EPL, Optus to make it more compete.


I was actually thinking of getting a Mac Mini to run my Plex Server. Plex is great, but I find that there is occasional buffering when I play to my ATV. It’s because I often turn on subtitles for my shows (so I can keep the volume down and not wake the family), which means that Plex needs to transcode the stream. I have a Synology NAS, but it’s not that powerful and can struggle to transcode a stream.

You may find that without the Mac Mini server, your Plex streams may struggle.

What I would like to see if Plex alter their platform slightly and have an option so that when sending video to an item which is high powered (like the ATV4) that it does not transcode at the server end and allow the client to do the transcoding.