The new Apple TV


Wow that didn’t take long… hopefully it’s something easily fixable.


I love the new remote. Once I got my head around keep holding down the Siri button when I talk I was all good.

The setup process wasn’t nearly as bad as I’ve been reading/hearing about on podcasts either. I had to enter my password to setup home sharing, and veirfy my credit card to download Beat Sports (despite having over $400 in iTunes Store credit) but that’s with ever new app.

This is my first gaming console search the PS one as well. Extremely happy with it.


Can see myself being very tired tomorrow after staying up playing Asphalt 8 all night


Yeah I have an ATV2 as well but for some reason can’t seem to get Plex working so well on that so I upgraded to 5.3 and have INfuse running instead. I also have a Samsung BR Player with the Hub, its OK, but the ATV experience is just a bit less clunky, so I continue to prefer that. :-/

So far there are no killer apps. I actually don’t much like the Plex UI on the ATV4, nor the Netflix or Stan ones. I’m waiting to see what (IF) iView will be like (its design on the Samsung is revolting)… and if its not up to snuff, may as well sell the ATV4 and revert to Samsung for Plex, iView and SBS, and ATV3 for Netflix and Stan. (Although, don’t really need it for those, either)


The return window for launch day buyers closed on 13 November, but check your receipt - you might still be able to return it if you get in quick. Repurchase once it has the apps you like. I agree, there’s nothing killer on it at the moment, but I’m really enjoying having all stores’ apps on the one screen and being able to use Auntie Player while waiting for the BBC app. Siri has made my life a lot easier too, despite it not finding some shows that US users can see like The Pacific or Dexter.


I took mine back. Gonna stick with my Mid 2010 Mac mini for now.


I was thinking about it after I posted and have decided to put it away for the moment. I don’t want to have to spend again, yada yada. It can live in the cupboard and when a killer app comes along, I can get it out right away.


I’ll be getting a second one for my bedroom. Mostly to play Asphalt 8 in air conditioning when I’m hungover.


Are you liking the controller? I’m hanging out for a cheaper 3rd party one.


Is it me or does the nimbus controller not have an acceleratometer built in?


I don’t think it does but can be sure.

I’m pretty happy with the controller. It’s a good all rounder.


I’ll reply to my own post! Myer and Officeworks now have the new Apple TV. Not yet showing on Target’s catalogue.


Love hate relations with Beat Sports.

Found that moving my device from a shelf to the left to directly centred under my TV helps a little, but still found its picking my swings early or late. Also found that after I swing when I return to my original position, it registers an additional swing and resets my streak. It’s annoying the hell out of me, to the point where I’m thinking of refunding the game.

Anyone else found this?


I went ahead and used Your Own Channel to create live stream apps for ABC News 24, Channel 7, 7 Two and 7 Mate. I can’t seem to find any other Australian m3u8 streams, but I’ll keep looking.

If you want the Xcode projects including the assets I created you can download them from here. This is my Dropbox so please don’t go spreading the link around the net. Also keep in mind that I’ve set the Channel 7 feeds to Brisbane, but you can change that easily by looking for your local feed here (make sure you change master.m3u8 to master_high.m3u8 though if you want the highest quality stream).


Hang on - are we talking free to air streams over the internet? Wow! That’s awesome! I need to try this!!


Yeah, so ABC News 24, Channel 7, 7 Two and 7 Mate are all live streams. No ability to pause them, or to choose “reduce loud noises”.


So great Steeley! Will try them out tonight.


Had more problems today, seems like version one.
I set up my ATV4 with ethernet, all apps, including Vevo & Youtube worked OK.
Today they would not work (Vevo & Youtube) - spinning wheel then black screen.
Double clicking home button & swipe up unloads app, but retry gives same result.
Restarted, reset, deleted & reinstalled apps, no better.
Then I pulled the ethernet cable & connected via WiFi - then both apps worked OK.
Go figure…


Going to pick up a second for the bedroom today. Only thing is do I bother grabbing a second Nimbus or not? It’d be handy but I really don’t want to get stuck into the habit of staying up late playing games all night :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, saves you having to pair the one you have each time you switch