The new Apple TV


Crossy Road.


Copying a couple of tweets here:

Siri’s 15-second rewind should still work since that will likely be cached, but streaming HD films can be a struggle depending on your internet connection. Scrubbing through them is going to be near impossible — again, depending on your internet connection.


Oh crap, you’re right :frowning: Unless the ATV is smart enough to scan ahead and cache frames at key intervals.


I have and love Panasonic TVs. My 54" Plasma has been going for a few years now, and the UI is clear and concise and not ugly.


Has there been any word on whether or not you can connect multiple Siri remotes to the appletv for gameplay?


I was trying to work out whether the Crossy Road demo was two remotes or one remote and one iPhone. I think I’d prefer the latter.


When’s the ETA for Australia?


Nah, I’ve got 3 kids… I don’t need the fighting over my phone :slight_smile:


Curious there was no mention of HomeKit, given the Apple TV’s role in making HomeKit devices remotely accessible…


I’ll be buying an Apple TV on launch day. Pretty excited about it. I think it will be fun for some casual style games when i have guests over


I went through the same thing a year ago. I ended up with a $300 TCL 40" TV. It has a tuner and 3 HDMI ports, one of which has the Apple TV 3 plugged into it.

It works well for FTA TV, and the menu is just fine - I hardly use the menu to be honest.

I was expecting to spend more than $300, but given I wanted no smart TV functionality this did the job!


Boom! Not a 100% done deal since the ball will be in Apple’s court, but very encouraging.


I still don’t understand who’s going to need a 64GB Apple TV. Apps and games are restricted to 200MB, any data that apps generate (game saves etc) has to be saved in iCloud, and any local data saved is assumed to be non-persistent cached content and is assumed to be redownloadable (e.g., from iCloud or additional DLC).

I guess for people with slow internet connection (i.e. us) it’ll give the option for more data to be cached for longer, but still, that’s a lot of data to be cached.

Am I missing something here?


Yeah, the combination of those factors seems odd. Seems like there’s a catch somewhere that we don’t know about yet.


Hopefully Plex on the Apple TV will be very good, otherwise I might consider the (very long) process of converting my media to iTunes.

The deep Siri integration, etc, is compelling. Situated alongside issues with the latest version of Plex for iOS (lots of crashes, needing to sign-in—which will become optional, apparently), the UI for media has come a ways.


I do not like the most recent version for iOS… just doesnt seem right. I’ve become used to it all being presented in a particular way and when I loaded it up yesterday, I wondered if I had made a mistake and was in Netflix instead (j/k… i knew it was Plex but functionally theres not much between them anymore)


Aside from the realisation the fact that The Loop increasingly relies on clickbait-y headlines, there’s no real new information here, but it’s still a good summary:


Well, that makes more sense. 64GB makes sense for those with (or planning) a sizeable tvOS game collection.


What I haven’t been able to work out is whether you can download content and then access it later without an internet connection. I live in rural Victoria and don’t have a home internet connection. What I do have is an extremely fast connection at work, so I do all of my iTunes downloading and work, copy to a flash drive and take home to watch on a Mac Mini.
I was hoping that I would be able to take the ATV4 to work, sync it and then take everything home to watch at will, without an internet connection.
I will assume that Siri will require an always on connection as well?


I think you’re probably right about most functionality requiring an internet connection. Hopefully there will still be some basic level of operation without.

Devs are ordering their ATVs today so we should find out soon, if any are willing to sneakily break their NDA.