The new Apple TV


Well hopefully once Nine get on board in the next few weeks, and ABC by the end of the year (if I read that press release right), someone might be able to get hold of all the streams and put them together in a tidy package that doesn’t need sideloading.

I guess the issue is whether the commercial stations would be OK with it, as they’d probably prefer to pack their own apps full of ads around the video content like they do with their sites.


Very cool thanks for this…now just have to figure out how to install


I’ve just discovered something that might be useful to some people.

When I set up my Apple TV originally, I added my iCloud account then my US iTunes account and then my UK iTunes account. All fine. However, when I went to use Siri to search for shows specifically on platforms like HBO Now or Showtime it would be hit and miss. For example, it could never find Ray Donovan or Dexter on Showtime and it could never find John Oliver or The Pacific on HBO. I also couldn’t tell it to search for shows “on Hulu” or “on HBO” because it’d say it can’t do that in my region.

Well, today I was fiddle farting around with it as I normally do, and for one reason or another I decided to log out of all my iTunes accounts on the Apple TV, which in effect deleted them from the device. Once they were all gone, I then chose United States as my region and rebooted the Apple TV.

Once it had rebooted, I went back into settings, but this time the first iTunes account I added was my US iTunes account. Doing this fixed Siri right up. It now searches Netflix, HBO, Hulu and Showtime with no issues at all, no matter what I throw at it. Afterwards, I went and added my Australian and UK accounts, but switched back to the US one after they were added, and Siri continues to work as if I am in the US.

Don’t worry, it still understands my accent without a problem.

TL;DR Delete all your iTunes accounts, switch region to US, reboot, add your US iTunes account first, then add other accounts afterwards and Siri will work just as if you’re in America.


Great discovery Steeley…we still need vpn tho right?


SmartDNS like Getflix or Unblock-US, not a VPN, but I think that’s what you meant


Yep Dns, my bad :ramen:


VPN would still work, since you’d be using the remote server’s DNS.


Is there a trick to getting the thing to connect via Ethernet? Mine won’t connect with new AirPort Extreme I just got, it’s not the airport because I can connect other thing to the port I was trying to use for it.


Weird, mine connects using Ethernet over power and works fine without any mucking around.


Yeah that’s how I thought it should work, sounds like my ether port is screwed…will need to return it


Infuse is now available on the app store. I had a bunch of trouble getting it to connect to a folder on my Mac. What I ended up having to do was using a separate password to my iCloud password to login to OS X, which then let me enable Windows File Sharing in the OS X sharing options, which Infuse needs. No idea why it’s greyed out if you use iCloud to login to your Mac, but there you go.


What’s infuse, is it similar to plex?


I’ve never used plex so I couldn’t say.

Infuse is very basic, it does pull metadata and the like but it’s not a full on media server like plex is. It doesn’t need server software running though, so that’s a plus.


I tried to get the free version of infuse working, but couldn’t work it out, it didn’t auto detect my nas server … I think I use to use it on my atv second gen with jailbreak, looked familiar


I used to run INfuse just from a drive hanging off the router. For some reason, my macs and ATV can’t see that drive anymore so I am forced to leave the mini running… which means I may as well use PLex.

Infuse is OK… but TBH I prefer earlier versions to the current. I doubt I will keep it on board.


MrMC got released to the store today. Apparently it’s Kodi but without the plugins.


Must look. I’m currently just waiting for iView (mind you, now they dont leave all episodes for free, its become a bit of a nonsense to me) and SBS on Demand.

[Edit] Looked. Its pretty, and its $10, so no. Not when I already have PLex and Infuse


Pandora’s on there now too. It works quite well - you can quit the app and the music will keep playing


SBS on Demand and BBC iPlayer apps released today. It must be my birthday! :gift:


Got a link for the former?

The latter only works if you have access to a UK VPN, right?