The new Apple TV


Agreed. If Apple bought Plex, it would be an unmitigated disaster for everyone who doesnt convert to MP4 (or similar) … No way Apple would leave it as it is. As for cross platform compatibility… Forget it.


I’m not worried however. Buying Plex offers Apple nothing except (perhaps hiring a good developer). They a) could rip off the UI and not pay for it. b) they have no interest in the server product (for questionably downloaded content).


I have installed Infuse on my AppleTv but it doesn’t play ripped DVD Video.ts files.
Is there an app I can use to play ripped DVDs?
VLC doesn’t seem to like AC3 sound, so I get video but no sound.


I see ABC iView is out.

I’ve got to admit I’ve very disappointed at the lack of new apps for this thing. Where is Twitch, Flixster, Spotify, Lynda, 9Live, Foxtel Play…? The “it’s only just out” excuse is becoming a bit long in the tooth now.


Hurrah! Bring it!!!


I don’t regret returning mine, which is never a good sign.


Agree its disappointing… plex and netflix are pretty much all mine is being used for at the moment


The real question is, do we need those kinds of apps when you can AirPlay from them to the Apple TV from your iPhone or iPad?

Perhaps that’s why a Chromecast is the more appealing alternative — sure it may not have the bells and whistles, but it also means devs don’t have to put in months of dev time to produce an app for what is a new platform.


Yes, we do. I don’t want to airplay from my iPhone or iPad, I find it a complete pain the butt and impractical after a full day’s use of either.


Didn’t realise iView was out. Maybe its time to turn on the ATV4 again. I’ve been using the 3 instead.

On the 4, I was getting more out of it than I expected. I discovered that with Getflix active I could also access shows on ABC and NBC. I think others would also be available but I hadn’t looked carefully.


ABC iView is pretty great. Very nicely designed app.

I still love my AppleTV. Everything I want is on there - Netflix/Hulu/SBS/ABC/BBC/Plex for TV and movies, and SomaFM/Apple Music and local playback for music. It’s the perfect unified box.


Plex people, new update is out for ATV:

Version 1.0.5 is now available.

  • Added support for selecting alternate versions of media
  • Library screens now remember & return to the last used tab
  • Now link to your account via connection code. No more typing out long passwords!
  • Grid view performance & reliability improvements
  • Pages now reload more frequently, with fewer “Loading…” screens
  • Video descriptions with multiple paragraphs now display correctly.
  • Swiping left and right in the music player now skips in the correct direction.
  • On devices running tvOS 9.1 and earlier, if the item you’re focused on is updated or removed during a reload then focus usually jumps to the above or below row and some unwatched badges may temporarily not be visible. This issue has been fixed in tvOS 9.2.


I love my ATV4! It just seems like such a natural progression from the clumsy feel of the previous models. I love the remote and I love being able to install apps.


My biggest gripe is still the same as the day I got it. I reckon the swiping is the wrong way around… feel so unnatural compared to Mac trackpad & iOS… Oh, and I agree - where are the local channel apps given they have iOS apps!?


I agree - it’s weird that you swipe one way to go through apps, yet when viewing the screenshot previews in the App Store you swipe the other way. Very un-Apple!


ABC, SBS, Seven and Ten all have apps available. The only one missing AFAIK is Nine.


That’s the one I want most! Want to watch Here come the Habibs but no FTA arial yet! :wink:


HDHomerun + ‘Channels’ app!!!

This is my solution on ‘Freeview’ on ATV 4…


So now I can get SBS and ABC apps I’m almost ready to hit the buy button. Has anyone yet found a use for the 64GB version apart from installing a stupid amount of apps? I haven’t come across anything yet that would convince me that it’s worth the extra $$.



I have both the 64GB and the 32GB version.

I have downloaded games on the ATV4, but still have lots of free space. At the moment, I don’t see a compelling reason to get the 64GB version.