The new Apple TV


Thanks for that. Makes it easier to decide.


So it seems SBS ondemand no longer works on apple TV4. Rebooted the device and the app. SBS say it will take a while to fix which I interpret pessimistically.
Other streaming devices don’t seem to have this problem with SBS.


I have had issues with SBS ondemand app and ABC iView that have some commonality:

SBS ondemand has a tendency to stop after a few minutes (goes back to show/episode launch screen). That said, I have long had issues with the app on iOS with it seeming to get stuck in the transition from ad back into tv show/movie. I have noticed this starting to happen on tvOS following the recent update.

ABC iView seems to put tvOS to sleep after a few minutes (atv goes to screensaver).

Without actually measuring, the amount of time for both seems similar… Something changed in tvOS?


I’ve had no problems at all. But, when ATV just wanted to update, I told it to do it later because I really wanted to see if both these were currently screwed. They are working, so I am going to delay the update for a while. Currently watching Minuscule: The Movie on SBS :slight_smile:


Avolve I’m having exactly the same issues with SBS and ABC apps on my Apple TV. I’ve had to turn off the screensaver.


good to know its not just me…


I think its the recent update. I had that crash back to the home screen thing (within SBS app) after updating. I had never had it before.


Just realised that tvOS 10 solves my biggest complaint. When I play a video from the iTunes Store it’s now smart enough to downscale to accommodate for my crappy internet connection.


Not sure if new to iOS 10 or not. A video being airplayed can be controlled via the AppleTV remote (play, pause, etc).

It’s the small things that make big UX differences…


Not new. :slight_smile: I’ve even doing that since my AppleTV 3.


I’m waiting for ATV5


Also found out the iPhone volume buttons when using the remote app control the Apple TV volume… unless you have an older stereo receiver (like mine)




Hopefully that means an ATV5 is imminent with 4K and the ability to read locally NAS stored content.


I’m sure something like this will be available eventually, but I highly doubt will see it this year.

Now you’re definitely dreaming. Take a look at infuse if you want that kind of functionality.


Yes, reckon you might be right there😞


I don’t think we see another Apple T`V refresh until late 2017.

They axed the 3 because it doesn’t fit into the ATV strategy anymore.

Edu customers might be sad, but at this point they’re either on board or moved to Chrome Casts


SBS still a dud, and to get round the iView problems I have turned off the screensaver. Bit of a bummer having to switch to the horrendously slow samsung blu-ray player for SBS. Think I need to airplay instead.


There is an update to the SBS iOS app. Need to create an account/in in.

I am going to try airplay as the tvOS app still quits after a few minutes…


Hopefully the ‘Live Tune-in’ feature will come here, along with the Freeview apps supporting it.

ATM, it’s only available in the US with app support…