The new Apple TV


I’m hoping for a new Apple TV tomorrow. 4K support or bust.


So, bust?


Essentially. 3rd gen it is.


New TV app not in store?


It’s not available to December and only US only.


Finally pulled my finger out and bought a 32GB ATV4 today.
So, when prices drop soon - you’re welcome. :joy:

Can anyone recommend some good games that can be played using the Siri Remote please?
I need to justify that I’m not wasting money on a $230 box that only does exactly what the ATV3 it replaced could want to show wifey the extra functionality :wink:


Well you could start by showing her its a lot more than the ATV3. We have iview, sbs on demand, plus (if we have a decent VPN OR Getflix or similar0 we can also access things like TheCW, and ABC/NBC shows for free (ie no subscription required for many)

PLus, Plex and/or infuse. I have no idea about games, I dont play on the ATV but I love the additional streaming options.


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Boss is after a cheap-ish iPad for his partner, didn’t even think to look at Ozbargain. I’m also considering a cheap Apple TV for when I travel/housesit :stuck_out_tongue: Am thinking a Lightning - HDMI adapter for my iPad might be a more practical solution though.


Last time I used it it was OK, but the combo of my Apple TV3 and Mac Mini running Kodi was far better (so in a drawer it went).

I pulled it out today after a few months in that drawer since I picked up a new TV for the bedroom and I have to say there have been some major improvements!

1: The ATV now allows you to learn some buttons off your TV remote (so you can replace the ATV remote with your own TV remote!).
2: You can learn extra buttons too! So play/pause/stop/fast forward and a bunch of others too.
3: MrMC now works better with the skip and fast forward buttons working nicely. Arrows are also working more like they do on my Mac Mini too.

So now I can use the new TV remote and nothing else to control the ATV4 and TV (The ATV remote will actually control the volume of the TV so I could use just that once the TV is on as an alternative).

While I will need to play with it for a bit to see how it goes in real work use (and not the 5 minutes of playing I have had so far).


HDMI-CEC support means that the Apple TV can switch your TV on and off also, assuming your TV supports it.


One thing that’s annoying me at the moment is the stereo receiver in my living room is a bit older, so I had to train it to recognise the volume buttons on the Siri Remote, upstairs TV has a recentish sound bar so worked without a hitch. But the iPhone Apple TV remote app can’t control the volume with the side buttons in the living room. I know it’s not Apple’s fault but still is a bit annoying.


I’ve never got into HDMI-CEC since I’ve always had a Logitech Harmony remote (I’ve also had a complex setup of multiple things so getting them all on/off as needed wasn’t so simple).

I’ve just checked and for a $198 TV I’m a little surprised that it does HDMI-CEC (although maybe it’s just standard with everything these days). That said, when I tried to turn that on on the ATV it said something like “not available in this configuration”.

In reality, I’m using the TV remote to control the ATV at the moment, so while I don’t get all the touchy voice stuff unless I reach for the other remote, I haven’t needed/missed it yet.

For reference, this is my cheap bedroom TV:

On a side note, I’m using an alternative iTunes account which is registered in the US store (which I needed back in the day to get Hulu and Netflix and MrMC) but now I wouldn’t mind installing ABC iView and the other catch up services but even though I’ve changed the region I still seem to be in the US store… am I missing how to change the store in the ATV4??

Update: I don’t know if I need a “better” HDMI cable, but when I try to enable the turn off my TV function I get a warning saying “Can’t use system control with this configuration” :frowning:


There is a store selector in the settings somewhere. Pretty sure it’s in the general tab. You might need to sign into your AU account for it to come up, it’s so long since I set mine up with AU/UK/US accounts that I can’t remember the exact details.


I ended up signing into the AU account as well which forced the change. It looks like selecting the AppleID you want to use will force it to change store so it seems an ID is tied to a store rather than it accepting the location you are physically in.


You can use the VLC app and stream live Tv from the beyonwiz direct to atv4

Just copy the URLs from the links to live tv in the beyonwiz gui and paste into VLC


I mentioned earlier in this thread that I’m running the Channels app on my ATV 4.

I found out that the developers of the app have just released a public beta for a DVR for their app.

It is currently only functioning in the US & Canada. The DVR will be subscription based at 8USD/month.

I personally like the app & thought it might be worth posting it on here.

I’ve installed the (beta) DVR server software on my mac mini, it runs but doesn’t fully function due to the limited US/Canada only TV guide set up.

If you’re interested, there’s more info on the DVR here:

So check it out…

Btw, I have stepped up my set-up a level…

I now have 2 HDHomerun Connects (HDHR4). One for Freeview & the other I have a Resi-linx RF modulator which has Foxtel Box hooked up to it. So now I have Foxtel & Freeview TV on my ATV 4 (also streamed over my home network so it can be accessed on my iPads, iPhones & Macs).

My next step is to get an RF multiswitch/combiner for the 2 signals & maybe a 2nd Foxtel STB!


All of a sudden the 64GB Apple TV makes a bit more sense.


Upping the app size could indicate a refresh soon with a greater storage capacity. When though?
Before Christmas would be the logical time to max sales you would think.