The new Palm phone :)


Running Android 8, available next week. And it has Graffiti!!!

As a Palm fanboy from 20 years ago, I might be inclined to again buy a Palm “PDA”. I still look back fondly at my Palm Vx, that was a beautiful device.

Any other Palm fans from a generation ago?


Damn, 20 years ago? I was barely in primary school, but I jumped on the Palm train late with a cheap HP Touchpad (which later led to the Pre3, and Veer).

Have they announced Australian availability? All the reviews I’ve read have said that it’s a Verizon exclusive. US$349 might be, what, $500ish Australian pesos? That’s hardly “second device” territory…


…I thought you were much, much older. I still have this very much incorrect view that authority figures (especially on a site like this one where members are still obsessed with vintage hardware) have to be as old or older than me. Usually older than me, since despite the fact I’m now 35 (as of a few weeks ago), people around me still treat me as a kid often enough (I look at least 10 years younger, and the older I get, the more asymmetric this feels). It’s great for connecting with my teenaged students, a lot less helpful when in a staff meeting.


Handspring, Palm, 3Com, and my favourite, the Sony Clie NX70.

The NX70 I pimped out to hell, and didn’t replace it with another “organiser” until the iPhone 3GS was available.


I can’t remember everything I had, I can remember Palm Vx, Palm m130, a Tungsten, and a Sony Clie. I never bought a Treo.

I remember the Calculator Shop on La Trobe St as being the main spot in Melbourne for Palm devices, going to official product launches at various hotels and going to user group meetings and dinners.

I remember one time at the old Crown Sports Bar changing the channels of the TVs with the IR on our devices.


My first cell phone was one of those ubiquitous Nokia phones with the changeable faceplates. Then I got a flip phone from Samsung. It broke in half at some point. I don’t think I had either for very long. Then I got an iPhone 3G, and that was that. I had a Palm Pilot, but it wasn’t a phone. Just some kind of organiser, I guess.


I had two palm models but can’t remember the names. One was monochrome with a flip cover. The next (and last) was colour and way more powerful). They were both much loved. Then I moved on to the first of several iPod Touch models.



I remember being able to do that with a Newton (less publicly mind you!) too.

Organiser World?? I remember many a trip in there! I had a number of different Palm pilots & then Treos over the years too. Loved my original 180g, and my T650 I got on launch day in around 2003, although the 680 was my fav form factor.

I later remember wanting a 750v so bad (as Palm OS aged) as that was around the 3G launch and the 680 wasn’t, but I don’t think they ever launched properly in Australia. :confused:


I’m starting to feel really old looking at this thread… mind you my days on computers started back in the 80’s and I’ve been working in IT for around 27 years now (and “playing” with computers for almost 39 years!)


Age (noun) is a number of solar revolutions, that’s all. Truthfully, people “age” (verb) (both physically and mentally) at different rates. Nothing has proven that to me more than having coworkers with spouses, two kids, and gray hairs who are chronologically younger than me and yet might as well be 20 years older than me.

My first (used, not owned) Apple was an Apple IIe where I learned to do basic auto-CAD. Later we had a computer lab full of the pizza box Macintosh Performa 405s:

I’m not quite a digital native, I’m a bit too old for that. But I’m definitely an early digital immigrant. I had my own computer in the home by the time I was about 11 or 12, but had already used them for a few years at that point. Not that I could do much with the Apple IIs. At home, too, with that first home computer, we got internet not long after because my father was in graduate school. We had one of those ridiculous modems where you physically put the phone on the modem briefly. It was wild. We cycled through Prodigi and CompuServ and AOL before finally getting standard dial-up. I know some of it the university covered for my father, but in must have been terribly expensive.

Oh, I just remembered, true story. In 7th grade, I got in trouble at school and my parents got called in to the CS teacher’s office because all the 405s were configured to allow the teacher to take control of all of them from his computer… and I managed to find backdoor access and take control of his computer as well as the others. I put up some animations on that flip-book app of anime characters (I don’t know whether this was OS 8 or 9) and he was not amused. I got a lecture in front of my parents about how Hacking Is Bad Mmmkay. I am almost certain I did nothing l33t hax0rz, the teacher just didn’t secure everything. I wasn’t THAT smart at 12.


Mine, too, MG. Friends were on Vic20s and TRS80s. I didnt buy in until C64. I was in my mid thirties at that stage.


I remember the Commodores, the Tandies, and later the Amigas and the Atari STs, but they belonged to the “older kids.” I never got to own one. I got an original Game Boy for my birthday in 1989 though. I think they had just come out in America. And that was a big deal.