The order of things


China has become the world’s manufacturing hub, made popular to foreign companies by low wages due to the country’s predominantly low cost of living- so low that, as is oft cited, the Chinese workers typically cannot afford the products they are making.

And, when China’s population does achieve a better level of living more approximating the Western World, there’s always Vietnam, or some other “poor” country that these businesses can run to.

But, what happens when there are no cheap options left?

How long can this dichotomy last?

Just asking.



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I’m in Japan now, Chinese tourists everywhere. I think they are doing just fine.

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Africa? South America? The Philippines? Even Mexico. There are many low income countries which could host 1st world manufacturing plants.

And by the time there aren’t A.I. automated plants will be in widespread use.

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And they say slavery was abolished!

Not sure who is saying that but modern slavery is a real problem.


It’s the nature of capitalism for people to direct both their labour and their capital to where they can get the best price.

As China’s standard of living increases and its people demand more pay for their labour, another region will stick its hand up and do it for a dollar cheaper.

So on and so forth as the capitalist cycle continues. There’s always going to be someone who will do it cheaper.


Shame about the planet ! :slight_smile:

Yep, as I wrote the question, I realised as we lose more and more skilled jobs here… Australia’s turn will come.

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I don’t think we’re losing more jobs, it’s more so the insidious use of individual contracts and ongoing wage cuts in this country. It’s the rise of permanent temporary workers and its been out of control for about 15 years now.