The Rise of Trump


Yeah because the whole of the left is exactly the same as the select minority who are being violent.


The biggest problem with Trump is that he’s an egotist. Even the people he surrounds himself have to try to make light of what he’s been saying. Watch the news to see how Spicer has had to reinterpret the conversation with Turnbull.

He doesn’t follow any sort of protocol which is alarming. This means even specialist diplomats have no idea on how to engage with Trump because he is nothing like anything we’ve seen in a western democratic country in pretty well ever.

There is no logic to Trump and if you try to apply logic you get vitriol in return or you just get called “fake.” The problem I even have in being trained with how to engage in diplomacy is there is no real starting point here other than taking a full blown realist approach.

Blow it up and start again once the war is over, or otherwise just recall your ambassador and don’t engage with them at all over this period.


@MissionMan You have GOT to be joking. Trump is and always will be a dangerous man. He’s a narcissistic paranoid and that is a really tragic combination of personality traits in any individual, let alone the so called “leader of the free world” (he’s not my leader but thats a whole nother issue). This is a man who has stepped back to 1950 in 2 weeks. He’s banned Muslim immigration (temprorary? Lets just see shall we). He’s screwed with LGBT whatever and with womens rights, he’s fired a number of people because they actively disagreed with him, he’s demanding that journalists who write anything anti-trump get fired, he is NOT going to take our refugees. If they get vetted at all they will all be found unsuitable. He’s put Iran on notice, for daring to test a missile last week. And in making a speech about the Holocaust just yesterday, somehow managed to fail to mention anything about the Jews who were slaughtered. He’s worse than any of the rest put together. There is NO way you could possibly believe what you said. You’re having us all on.


Oh yeah and the fuss over Hillary Clinton and her emails? Guess who uses his own server, and whose staff use their own private unsecured phones. He’s a hypocrite along with everything else. I think he might also have fired one of the military today as well. I just cant remember. Theres been so much.


Agreed. He’s super hypocritical. He’s in it for his ego and his own interests.


Let’s not buy into the press. I don’t think he is half as crazy as people make out, and he’s not going to be nuking anyone. He’s taking a firm stance to try impress his voters. I think that’s where it ends.

He’s arrogant and clearly a douchebag, but Clinton was already picking a fight with Russia before she was elected - do the research and you’ll see that. I’d say that’s more dangerous because right now, picking a fight with the second biggest holder of nuclear weapons is a worse than trying to make friends with them, which is what Trump has actually done.

As far as worse than the rest put together, I suggest you have a look at some of the presidents of the US, Bush for example, who waged an unsanctioned illegal war against Iraq and created ISIS, resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of people. My guess is bush is probably responsible for the deaths of upwards of 500,000, well over a million if you count the damage that ISIS has done, which is ultimately the creation of Bush and his war. So yes, complain all you want, but until he has waged a war with another country and killed over half a million people, I still think he’s better than some recent US presidents who seem to have got away with murder.

The person he fired would have been fired 2 days later when he elected the replacement. She was from the opposition party, so that was no surprise but that doesn’t make good press. It’s like Turnbull firing a Labour MP who was going to be replaced in 2 days anyway.

As for the refugees, of course he’s unhappy. Obama used an executive order knowing full well Trump wouldn’t like it. How many refugees did Obama take in during the time he was in power? Do the research and you’ll find out it’s very low, so it was a simply case of political sabotage, there was nothing noble about Obama’s deal and Turnbull is a moron for believing it would be done without problems.

I could go on.

As I said, I am not supporting trump, I think both Trump and Clinton are terrible, but I also think Clinton is being painted in a way that is not fitting. She was terrible and the voters knew it. I also think you need to put the blame squarely on the voters, not trump. He is doing exactly what he promised to do, and as the democratically voted president, that is his right or his obligation. If you promise to turn water into wine and people vote you in on that promise, then I would say you have an obligation to deliver on that. If Hanson won in Australia, is it her fault or the voters who lifted her to the top?

In the USA, it’s the failure of the voters to turn out that created this problem. If half the voters who are rioting now turned out to vote, Clinton would probably have won. And as I said before, the more they throw tantrums and riot, the more they swing the vote to trump and give him more control.


I agree. The problem with the US election is as always… A stereotypical jackass mentality of “won’t someone else do it??” Unfortunately someone else didn’t do it and despite wide spread support for Clinton her voter base simply didn’t turn out. That’s a cliche of American apathy at its finest where they thought the election was a shoe in.

What we have now is Trump in office and a whole bunch of other people, who are now using this to champion things they wouldn’t dare say in public previously as a result. My only answer is to totally disengage with it all for the next 4 years till it blows over.


Of coursew the voters are responsible. Of the last three standing, Bernie Sanders would have been the best option. I didnt say that Hillary was lily white… I simply pointed out the hypocrisy of accusing her of one thing and then doing the very same thing, yourself. There’s a lot of that in his behaviours.

That said… I also didnt say he was crazy. I said he was narcissistic and paranoid. That makes him dangerous., not crazy or stupid. Whether he nukes anyone is irrelevant. Its what the world that opposes him thinks, thats relevant, because that could easily lead to more attacks on the US and its allies. Whats relevant is how he fires anyone who disagrees with him. Whats relevant is how he treats people. Whats relevant is his nepotism. Whats relevant is that when he doesnt like the way something comes down for him, he wants to “change the rules”.

I dont think he is anything but cunning and dangerous. He knows exactly what he’s doing. His management style was clear from the way he was behaving on the TV show. Yes, I saw one episode, and I was appalled.

The one thing he might not realise is that his isolationist policies may well lead to the thing he’s trying to avoid.

He isnt just dangerous for America, he’s dangerous for all of us.


What’s more dangerous is the current approach by everyone is going to paint a picture that it’s okay for someone to assassinate him, and when that happens, there will be civil war, the world economies will be impacted and it’s going to very unpleasant for everyone. Trust me when I say if Trump gets assassinated, the outcome will be 10x worse than if he sticks around and does a couple of stupid things.

The anti-Trump protestors already think it’s okay to beat women unconscious with metals poles in the street. As long as people continue, these actions will get worse because the culprits will feel they are justified.


Absolutely agree that assassination should not be done. However “a couple of stupid things”???

Week One

There’s a week Two as well, not up on youtube yet.


And he has a 59% approval rating because he’s getting things done (even if they are the wrong things) and most of the stupid things are in line with his election promises which is probably more than I could say for most of our politicians.

The challenge with this predicament, is that his support is based off a group of people who are sick and tired of pollies coming in and doing absolutely zero for most of their term. And they will continue to support him because as far as people are concerned, even bad change is better than no change when you are in a position where your jobs are being taken away and your life is pretty miserable. So we can sit back and judge those who voted for him, throw insults at them, or we could try to understand what is causing the change and address that, because all of the attacks on trump aren’t going to solve the problem.

I’d go as far as to say we could have exactly the same situation with Pauline Hanson as well. I.e. We have politicians who do nothing, they find the time to take their overseas business class trips of course, but actually making change is too much effort. The vic government promised to change the bail laws after Jill Meagre died and that was 2 years ago, last month 5 people died as a result of their failure to act despite recommendations in August last year. This is not an issue with Libs, Labour, it’s all of them. Apex Gang is going rampant and the courts are too soft so people see crime spiralling out of control. Police can’t do anything because the bleeding hearts have tied their hands so much they are too scared to shoot at anyone in case they get called murderers (police get blamed when they shoot an armed person with a knife coming at them) and when they don’t shoot, they get blamed anyway. Police shouldn’t be blamed when they shoot a person with a knife. That’s ludicrous. They’re getting blamed for defending the public??

So what happens is someone like Pauline Hanson comes in. She tells people she is going to be tough on crime. She tells people it’s immigrants fault because 30% of middle eastern immigrants are on the dole after 5 years. She tells them she’s going to deport immigrants like the apex gang. She tells them that she will force companies to keep the factories here by charging import duties. And she creates a bit of fear to justify what she is going to do.

And because the existing politicians have been sitting on their asses and actually doing nothing for the last 10 years, she picks up support. Everyone underestimates the influence because they assume that most people are too educated to vote for them, but the older people are tired of the rampant crime, and the bogans are scared of the muslims because they’re worried about the calls for sharia law, and the people are tired of the soft justice system who seem to be more worried about the rehabilitation of the offender than the punishment for the crime. So what you start to get is a perfect storm, because elections are one based on small vote swings, just like a lot of youngsters voted for the NBN (because obviously internet is way more important than other issues), people can be swung easily, and suddenly she has a lot more influence than we would like.

That’s the problem. And it’s a problem that could be on our doorstep sooner than we think. So I think we have to stop worrying about Trump. He will burn himself out eventually. There is always a rush of things when people get voted in. And I think we have to start worrying about what we can do here to avoid the situation.


Good response but I am still going to worry about Trump because I think he is more dangerous than is obvious. If it was Mike Pence in the chair instead, I wouldnt worry, he’s got some ideas similar to Trump but he doesnt have that personality. Trump’s personality is whats going to do damage, because he is terminally correct, and whats more everyone else is an idiot. He has zero respect for anyone. He’s a 2 year old with an MK47 (or whatever the latest is).

Hanson is awful, so is Bernardi (who thinks trump is wonderful) but they do not have the personality either. They arent bullies (well, Corey probably is) so the situation is slightly different here. However I take your point that we need to be doing something (but what) to get the major parties to pull their collective fingers out and see what they are doiung to the country.


@MissionMan @kyte I agree, a good thoughtful answer, and certainly Pauline Hanson & Trump spout very similar rhetoric (actually, to use the word rhetoric with Pauline is an oxymoron - I wont elevate her beyond “fear monger”).

Trump is an evil mastermind because, IMO, he doesn’t truly believe in his election campaign platforms - he just knows what people want to hear, and says whatever that may be in order to get elected. (to tick it off his bucket list/win a bet/boast).

Pauline on the other hand, truly believes what she says. (Again, IMO.) (And, thanks to things like Andrew Bolt, these beliefs are shared by a lot of people…)

The major difference is, of course, that Pauline has no “real” power - Trump on the other hand… “Leader of the Free World”…

I truly hope you are right, @MissionMan, and the next 4 years pass by and Trump is overthrown by a heavy majority without any truly horrific ramifications. The problem is, the very next time some terrorist/s launch an attack on American soil, it will play right into Trump’s hand. Popular opinion will swing toward him (more than it apparently now has), and his powers will grow. (Yes, the Dark Side is strong in him, I feel.)

Some say he will get bored/lose attention for being President… Let’s hope he doesn’t decide to make things interesting by stirring the pot.


Let’s put it this way, as long as the left supporters keep behaving like a bunch of reprobates, Trump will get more power in the US which is bad, so I think for one, we have to stop supporting these actions instead of ignoring them and focusing on trump.

We have to show equal levels of disgust for both because we cannot morally oppose Trump and support anti-trump supporters when act irresponsibly and disgustingly like beating up women in the street. I mentioned anti-Trump supporters rioting and beating up women in this thread and the response to that? Zero. That’s right, ZERO! Not one of you said anything. Straight back to Trump being a bad person because that’s the bigger focus. How is anything has done in his short time in presidency worse than violence against women? How can we be ignoring that? How can we ignore a situation where a woman (whoever she supports) is held up against a wall with a flag pole and beaten because of her choice in candidate whilst attacking someone for racial intolerance? If that was Trump supporters we would be up in arms. So please do not tell me media is not manipulating the situation when Trump reneging on a deal that Obama did in his final days as a “&#^%$ you” to Trump (when he took in virtually zero refugees himself) is bigger news than the violence being perpetrated at the moment in the name of “freedom”.

Responding to Trumps racial intolerance and attack on freedom of speech by doing exactly that will increase Trumps supporter base in the USA because those on the fence are going to quickly pick the group that is less violent. And this is not a once off. There have been many violent incidents, with calls from existing left wing senators for fighting in the street that have been pushed aside. That’s the challenge with protestors, they act instead of thinking which is exactly what they complain about trump doing, and then they fight his racial intolerance and attack on freedom of speech by being intolerant and attacking freedom of speech. You have to appreciate the irony of this.


Everyone thought somebody would assassinate Obama because he was black. That won’t happen to Trump either.


This is where I take the view that its best not to get involved at all. They like Trump don’t respond to reason and are a bunch of anti-intellectuals. That’s a dangerous combination in itself if there ever was one.


People also have to remember if he does anything majorly wrong, the constitution allows congress to impeach him. Right now that won’t work because I doubt his own party would support that but if he goes as bad as people think he will, his own party support impeaching him.


He’s already reached that point


Yep. The Republicans are waiting for him to do something that’ll turn the electorate against him, and then they’ll impeach him.

Sadly at the moment the electorate think he’s doing the right thing, so no-one will move against him. Give it a year. If we survive, it could get interesting.


Which is a scary thought. I can’t decide who I hate more. Pence or Trump. Pence is more sane than Trump, but has dangerously outdated ideas.