The Rise of Trump


Most don’t support violent protesting which is wrong. Again, I do not see how a small minority on the left represent the whole of the left.

I’ve time and time and time again criticised violent protest on other forums, my apologies for not directly mentioning it on here. No one is ignoring it, no one here is supporting it. I criticise violent protest, just like I criticise the fact that the president of the USA is someone who at the least believes that sexual assault is ok.

The irony is actually that Trump himself had no problem encouraging violence throughout the campaign. This fairy tail world where the left is violent as a whole (or even the only source of violence in the US) is laughable. If the whole of the left are defined by a small group of violent protestors, then the whole of the right is obviously defined by the minority of the right who commit violent homophobic/xenophobic hate crimes. The right has produced plenty of violence and terrorism.

Is the suggestion here that Trump is not in control of his own mind and it’s the ‘left’ who have pushed him to be who he is?


A lot of people in America are rooting for a Pence presidency right now.


It’s a snap back against what is considered politically correct and what it is to be seen as being high brow. Trump and his supporters can’t stand either of these things. In some sense I understand why Trump hates education, his university was a complete and utter flop.


That’s scary. His views on gays, women etc are downright worrying.


Their reasoning is that at least he’s not clinically insane like Trump. He’s scary but at least he’s a politician and at least he’s predictable.


True, but if trump can avoid going to war or seriously stuffing things up (hopes that are rapidly fading) then I’d prefer him to pence the dinosaur.


On one level he’s actually done some good. The TPP would have shafted the Australian population, allowed drug companies to charge whatever it is they want for patents, allowed the recording and motion picture industry to sue Australians for piracy and allowed US multinational corporations to sue the Australian government over legislation that hurts their profits such as tobacco and alcohol laws. On the other hand Trump’s position about women, gays, immigrants, Muslims, Hispanics, Latinos and blacks is utterly repulsive.

I’m not going to sit here and say the alternative is perfect but at least Liberals in America are getting out there to have there voices heard about what they think of Trump. The small minority that are doing illegal things should have the book thrown at them, but protests are fair game.


Yeah never was a fan of the TPP so in a way glad its gone. While Trump’s treatment of Turnbull is disgusting, maybe its the push that Australia needs to loosen ties with the US during what could be a chaotic period, though that is a complex and scary thought.


It’s always two schools of thought and it has been since at least the 1970s under Whitlam that under a Labor government Australia looks towards Asia, past company of small l liberals such as Malcolm fraser aside. While the Liberals look towards traditional allies conservatives are familiar with in the US and the UK.

While Turnbull is a pseudo-liberal the party that he works with has him under clockwork control. Just wind him up a little bit further and set him off to spew out whatever the party room rhetoric is of the day.

I doubt much will change, Turnbull came out and did the usual Liberal song and dance about how much we value the US alliance on national TV and Pine followed suit by using Trump’s rhetoric about “extreme vetting.”

Swings and round abouts the half senate and house of representatives election is only 2 years away. This won’t go on like this here in Australia for much longer. The mid terms are only two years away in the US also. Trump will be the next lame duck president without control of the house.


Q - Trump says he’ll fight the block on his immigration ban. If the Constitution does hold up against him, as he does currently have both Houses (?), how easy would it be for him to change the Constitution?


Changing the constitution is much harder. You need two thirds majority to do that.


Not going to happen. If you read articles on abc website (assuming them to be even remotely accurate) the judge found the order to be unconstitutional because it was not based on any discernible facts. Not sure any party is going to push to amend constitution to allow for tyrannical rule, which is basically rule on a whim!


@MissionMan Thanks for that! Thought it would have been 50/50. That actually makes some level of sense… Also I imagine explains the difficulty with the idea of changing the Constitution RE gun ownership.


[quote=“MissionMan, post:51, topic:3121”]
And he has a 59% approval rating because he’s getting things done (even if they are the wrong things)[/quote]

I don’t know where you got that figure from?!

Trump’s approval rating is the lowest of any new president in recent times (about 40%)


You need a two thirds majority in both houses or alternatively you need a national convention. Under a national convention of the states you need a three quarters of the states of the union to ratify the amendment. Both of these are enacted under article V of the US constitution.


Thats pre-inauguration. His numbers are climbing since his inauguration, not dropping. I can’t remember exactly where I saw the 59% but you’ll probably find you get 50 different versions of it. You’ll find a start a startling high level of support for some of the things like the Muslim ban which is frankly a little scary.


Fake news!


In what really are Trump’s ratings high? Everything I’ve read says that they’re the lowest/amongst the lowest!


Rasmussen is a polling company equivalent to Newspoll in Australia for conservatives to blow their own horn about. The gold plated standard for research in the United States is Pew


Anything coming out of the White House absolutely cannot be trusted, given the propaganda perpetrated around the inauguration day crowds.

THAT is incredibly scary. Sure, we know politicians spin things… but Trump’s narcissism has taken it to a whole new level. Reminds me of a comic book character I once created about a guy who would make some grandiose claims, then go to any end to make his lies reality…