The Rise of Trump



Yeah… I can’t get over the bowling green massacre thing. They’re the biggest bunch of hypocrites complaining about ‘fake news’ while spewing lies.


Sorry to say, but the days of honesty in the White House didn’t change with trump. That ended a long time ago.


Trump tried for 8 years to get enough dirt on Obama, lets not forget the birther issues. There’s nothing much left to be said. Trump on the other hand jumps from one scandal to the next almost gleefully.


I dont seem to recall anyone saying the previous White House occupants were innocent. But they didnt make stuff up… not like the Bowling Green thing, not like the inauguration day crowds. For gods sake stop apologising for him. He’s a Class A ASSHOLE with the keys to the kingdom and a bad attitude, and nothing is going to change that.


And, I’m out of this thread, now. I am not unbiased, and I am not going to try to reason with anyone who imagines thats a good way to be right now. We have our own Trump wannabes and We need to pay attention to whats going on in the USA so that we do not make the same mistakes here. Ignore the USA and current President at your peril, I reckon.


Didn’t make stuff up? They started an entire war based on weapons of mass destruction they knew didn’t exist while telling everyone they were saving the world. They only difference between them and Trump is that the bowling green lie was more obvious


Bush started the war.


True, true. George W did that in spite of what he was told. And Howard, and Blair played along. Idiots.


I think Obama was a class above that.

Not perfect but I believe that within the constraints of the job that he honestly attempted to do his best (even if he was stopped many times by congress).


What Obama did, and what he could do after he lost the senate than the house majority was practically nothing. Ocassionally he chose the open path of executive power but that was after getting approval that the changes he wanted to make were indeed constitutional.

It’s funny that Trump complained about using the executive and yet Trump put himself on a path to signing more executive orders in his first 100 days than Obama did in his entire administration! Also, while he said he’d drain the swamp he’s managed to repopulate the swamp with even worse swamp creatures than the ones he was elected to get rid of. Not only is Trump reckless he’s also a hypocrite of the highest order.


More things Trump doesn’t understand. The press are generally so far off the radar of being corect they’re not worthy of listening to on defense matters. The F-35 just scored a 15:1 kill ratio and he wants the department of defense to cut funding to this?

By the time that cost over runs are dealt with this is going to be one hell of a plane. In fact it creates new headaches for defence force capabilities particularly here in Australia with how the hell we integrate this thing to make use of it properly.


It does also say ‘most probably due to the supporting F22’ (which is a plane without peer).

Also they were against F16s and they didn’t specify which block F16 they were.

A lot of the US F16s aren’t the latest version.


If you read through the comments section there is some people throwing their weight around. The nuts and bolts of it seems to suggest the F-22 didn’t help much at all.

I agree and you’re right it should serve up teen series planes on a platter but this is one of the premier red team vs. blue team exercises in the United States and nothing is taken particularly lightly.

I come back and I’m a little circumspect as with everything the F-22 was nowhere near perfect when it launched and these planes are not that either, they’re still in low rate production while incremental updates are being applied and functions are brought online, however its been said if a conflict came where the features of the F-35 are nescessary its been earmarked as combat ready and would be deployed. That’s coming from the brass who controls these things also, not just media speculation either.

They don’t suit all types of combat yet, but if a conflict where there existing feature set was required they’d be ready to go. The biggest weight I can add to that is that Israel is on board also. If they thought nothing of the F-35 then they’d just work in another upgrade for their Block 52 F-16s to bring them up to block 60 and go forward from there. There is a lot of life left in those airframes for them but they’re all go with the F-35.


I love Donald Trump. The end.


I try not to be concerned any more… I mean, hopefully Trump will just cause the implosion of America rather than actual WWIII… But then…

White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, selects which journalists can attend a briefing… and bars others vetted White House reporters from entering the briefing.

The same Sean Spicer was previously quoted as saying that “barring media access is what a ‘dictatorship’ does”.


And now announces his plans for the biggest peacetime defense budget increase ever at $70b…


I’m just as concerned as you, hobo. I think whats happening in the USA is just the tip of a rather nasty iceberg. Trump is also planning to up nuke production… after all we all went through in the 60s and 70s, he knows nothing. Sadly, nor does anyone else as nuke production increases world wide. He doesnt seem to understand (none of them do) that all we have with nukes is M.A.D.


Typical Raegonomics, cut education, health and science, invest in defense. Its all the neocon/realist knows. The only way to defeat a person with a sharp pointy stick is with an even sharper and more pointy stick.

The only way to deal with whats going on with Russia and China, Iran and North Korea is to get a wood lathe and make even more sharp and pointy sticks.


Not to mention cutting foreign aid… Which I’ll admit until probably only the last 10 years I didn’t truly appreciate how important a role it played in helping to lessen the threat of extremists… I guess the logic of increasing funds to what the genpop would view as “the enemy” in order to actually reduce the risk of attack may be too far over their pay grade…