The thinking about purchasing thread!


I know I was planning on purchasing AirPods but apparently that’s not happening.


Yeah, every time I untangle my earphones I am prompted to think of those airpods. Wish they were about $100 less. Maybe I will get them from Kogan.


[quote=“Entropy, post:20, topic:2933”]
Yeah, every time I untangle my earphones[/quote]

I bought a few of these:


My thinking was to try them out during the extended christmas returns policy and return them if they were not satisfactory.

There is still hope I might be able to do this just not for as long as I wanted.


I have the exact same model, still going strong today I upgraded the RAM to 24GB with 2 8GB sticks from OWC. It can now encode a HD movie to MP4 in less than 10 mins.


So I took the plunge and finally went ahead and purchased A Intel (NUC) - Next Unit of Computing.’

Purchase the Intel NUC i7 Skull Canyon Barebones Kit. (BOXNUC6I7KYK4)

You’ve got a purchase your own Storage and Memory. So for that I chose.

SSD, Intel 600p 1TB M.2 (SSDPEKKW010T7X1)
RAM, 2x Kingston ValueRAM 16GB DDR4 SODIMM 2133MHz (KVR21S15D8/16)

The computer and the storage is on its way unfortunately tried to get the memory from MSY yesterday and apparently they are out of stock so trying to source another supplier but its highly unlikely I’ll have memory for the computer when it arrives in a weeks time.

A shitload cheaper than the Mac Mini would’ve been and got so so much more.

New purchases thread!

I’m thinking of getting a Nissan Skyline V35 250GT or 350GT early to mid 2000’s model. They don’t look bad and have lots of little options I like.


+1 for a Red Dwarf reference!


Going to need a new VDSL2 modem, and at this stage planning on staying with Exetel, whose offerings are pretty rubbish. They do have others registered with NBN which they dont supply… so I am mizzling between the Netcomm NF17ACV and the NF8AC. I don’t really need a VoIP all in one but am used to using one (current ADSL2+ is a BIllion 7800VDPX… which I bought in anticipation of FTTP, which now I shant be getting. Bastards)… I think I am going to get the NF17ACV. Either way, I’ll need something.


Thinking about updating my ageing Time Capsule. I really like Airports and Time Capsules, and if I did get one, I’d want the one with the 3TB internal drive, but I can’t justify spending $500 on a device that’s 3 years old and now discontinued.


Not meaning to sound like I’m splitting hairs, but it hasn’t been officially discontinued (nor was the rumour even confirmed that they had stopped development - when they stopped display development they leaked it and stopped selling them).


Thinking about a new Mac but in a bit of a quandary as I do not have the money to get everything I want when doing the initial purchase.

As the only Mac that you can upgrade the memory in (other than the Mac Pro) is the 27" iMac that would seem to be the only option but by the time it’s upgraded to an i7 and a decent size (512GB) SSD the price is getting up there.

Do people think that the model updates will still leave the 27" iMac as having user upgradable memory or will this become another casualty of the thinner/lighter way that Apple keep moving to?


The iMac should be updated in the next eight weeks. There is no reason to delay any further now the ruby lake chip is released, Same time as an ipad refresh. If you can wait till April then compare the new with the current model and decide. I would expect less upgradability and all USBC ports. You could probably get the current model discounted then, though it would have to be standard configuration.


Was thinking of getting one of the rumoured new iPad Pro 9.7 inch 2’s in April (for my big birthday) , but apparently the new iPads will be delayed further into 2017 (grrr), so I guess purchasing a new Smart Case for my iPad 2 wasn’t that bad of an idea. Honestly Apple, shove 2017 specs (A10X + 4GB of ram) in the current 9.7 Pro and I’ll buy it.


Kinda want a new Micro Four Thirds body but there isn’t much of a valid reason when I don’t need any of the features.


Nintendo Switch :slight_smile:


I preordered mine in October, I can’t wait


Thinking about getting a new car later this year.

And making it a full EV, so maybe a Nissan Leaf? Or the BMW i3 even? Tesla is a bit too pricey…



I’m so tempted by the E-M1 mk II that it’s not funny


I’ve been so out of the loop its not funny. I’ve got an original E-M5, but I don’t shoot anything with it that would justify me spending more money on a new body. It’s the stage where cameras are at that if you don’t need X camera feature than its futile upgrading.

I’m not really used to this with tech.