The thinking about purchasing thread!


I think that’s a reasonable position and one I suspect I fall into as well.

But my eventually is going to be at least 12 months into the EM-1 Mk2 life span, past Olympus cameras have show substantial price drops by that point and I’m hoping that this will be the case with the mark 2 as well.

At $2000 rather than almost $3000 I’d be much more interested.


Its a similar situation with Panasonic.

I have the GH4. the GH5 is a significant update but the cost is a lot more. Also the body is larger than the GH4 so it won’t fit in my underwater housing.


I’m Still not a fan of the price or the position, that’s A7 MK1 position and Nikon D750 position, not that I have any intent of going back to a DSLR. I’m just saying, it’s priced heavily which is not my cup of tea and Olympus has attempted to do this before with its E-Volt DSLRs that it priced highly because of “professionals.”

Lets be straight that the camera body does not make the professional or else I’d just go back to using my medium format camera because it is a “press” standard camera. Whatever really at the end of the day… those that do want it will pay for it. Those like myself who don’t see enough value in the 20megapixel sensor will hold off until we get something more along the lines of a 24megapixel BSI sensor update. For what I do as a landscape photog I don’t see enough benefit in the 20megapixel sensor as it is.

One of the reasons I bought and still keep my E-M5 is because its a popular underwater camera with lots of affordable housings from cheap Chinese ones to Nauticam ones to the Official Olympus housing. I don’t know what the deal is with the GH5. I read somewhere that it would be the same size as the GH4 so that it would fit in people’s existing camera rigs, but there’s a difference between camera rigs and underwater housings.


If and when I do get one, ill be getting the 25mm f1.2 too. That things a beast.


Unfortunately the GH5 is deeper than the GH5. Also some of the buttons are in different locations and there is a joystick below the back button focus lock; which means a new housing design. It seems my nauticam dome port and macro port will still fit.

I mainly take video. Its not so much the number of pixels as the ability to colour grade thats the issue with underwater video. The Sony 7s is a low light star but is difficult to white balance underwater.

The GH5 has in camera stability and can record 4k, 4.2.2 10 bit colour at 60 frames a second.


I do wonder what the E-M1 MK II is going to look like on Australia Day. Maybe its too soon to speak about a discount just yet…


Thinking about buying a Nintendo Switch.


I just can’t make up my mind about the neon and normal versions of the console


Neon all the way. You have to love Nintendo’s funky colours.


Meanwhile I’m debating whether I should add Bomberman to the list at $600 it’s a little much, and I’m sure games will have better availability than switch consoles so I can always add it later. When I first pre-ordered I realised I didn’t have a game in my list. I’m just not sure whether I can do Zelda by itself, its a pretty full on and time consuming game working out puzzles and sometimes you need a release valve.


I changed my order to neon but I was wondering whether I made the right choice, but I figure I can just buy grey ones later if I really want to. I ordered the console, pro controller and limited edition Zelda. As for another game I originally wanted to get Mario Kart so I would have something to play with others, but since it won’t be released at launch I am thinking of getting 1-2 switch.


I’m a major Bomberman fan, just the price is so steep its hard to justify. I will definitely be getting Mario Kart 8 on release date though.


That’s Nintendo for you, the Wii-U is still expensive and it’s been out for years.


Thinking about calling EB tomorrow to change my order to include Bomberman and to hell with it. Although I may just wait for Mario Kart instead its only a few weeks after.


There’s one thing I have in mind for the Switch, lining up for the iPhone. Portable battery and some camping chairs, sorted.


This will need some kind of ACME sized portable battery at some point and a car charger.


They’re meant to last 2-6 hours at a time, and they’ve said they’ll work with battery banks. So a few battery banks should do the trick, depending how early you get there.


Seriously considering getting the Apple Smart Battery Case because even though I have external battery packs, they’re not always convenient to lug around when my battery is likely to go flat (clubbing at night, going to the beach, wearing certain attire, etc.)

Anyway, at $165, it’s not a fun stocking-stuffer (contrary to the belief of Apple’s marketing dept.)

Anyone here have any experience? I’ve never used a battery case before.

Edit: lol forget that. Apparently my iPhone 6 needs a battery service (according to Settings > Battery). CoconutBattery shows that I’ve done about 950 cycles (bought the phone brand new in November 2014), so yeah bye-bye $119.


Ugliest Apple accessory ever, whoever came up with the design should be shot. At least if it was a uniform curve or angle it would look OK rather than looking like a afterthought.


My brother bought my old iPhone 6S Plus off me for $600 yesterday. I’m now way too tempted to go and buy a Nintendo Switch.

Trouble is video games would be a terrible use of the very little free time I have at the moment.