Thinking of switching ISPs - seeking advice


Looking forward to connecting to one of those Bulletin Boards I’ve been hearing about. Just hope the Commodore 64 can handle it.

Contracted with iiNet for another 5 months, paying $69.99 a month for this. It’s becoming almost unusable. No NBN rollout scheduled, and the only wired alternative here is Telstra Cable. Thinking about cutting the connection early and switching to a 25 / 5 fixed wireless solution with Uniti Wireless.


I remember moving to Sydney and in Japan I had unlimited all the things (even unlimited internet on my iPhone 3G), and suddenly it was like… wait, wait, wait, you people pay for set GBs?! It was a big change, and one I was glad to leave behind me once I moved out of Australia. I’ve followed NBN with interest but… politics politics politics…

In Japan, just outside of Tokyo, shared internet with the other 5 apartments in my small apartment building:

I love Australia, but I do not miss the internet situation.


I won’t be getting NBN until late 2020 in my current rental apartment. I’m with iiNet as well, paying $69.99 (unlimited) and refuse to pay $29 to downgrade to a 500GB plan! Still trying to get it waived, i don’t use that much anyway - Netflix, surfing, etc. Some days it’s really SLOW, particularly on a rainy day/at night.

2 devices streaming Netflix when doing the speedtest.