Third party Apple Watch nylon straps


Does anyone have any trustworthy sellers of decent sport loop (nylon) third party bands for the Apple Watch?


I bought a sport loop band in orange from this seller on eBay and it arrived quickly. Been wearing it for over a week and it’s pretty good. Only cost $12.99.


Does the actual strap fit properly inside the “loop” lug? I’ve tried 3rd party Sport Loops but they often use the same 38 mm strap for both sizes, so it never “snugly” fits the loop lug for the 42 mm and just slides around a bit.


I just received a Nylon Sport Loop from this seller, arrived really quickly and fits perfectly. So much more comfortable than the Sport Bands!


Yeah mine fits perfectly. I bought a 42mm sport loop and it fits my new 44mm Apple Watch perfectly.


I’ve bought some metal bands from eBay which were OK. The silver ones were best, since the black ones tended to be painted or coated in some way which wore off.

I’ve since bought two Milanese Loop bands from Groupon; Silver and Blue. Both of them seems like pretty good quality with no colour stripping issues at all yet on the blue one.

Will have to check out those nylon ones now too :slight_smile:


I think @lawrence was talking about the space between the strap and either edge of the lug, and how some third party bands have gaps in between the band and the left to right edges of the lug itself, whereas Apple’s bands have a tighter tolerance, like in the photo below (which is actually of a third-party band I ripped from this topic on the Apple Watch subreddit).



Yes, that’s exactly what I was trying to describe :joy:

All of the 3rd party Sport Loops I’ve seen/tried have gaps between the band and the inner edges of the lugs.


On the orange sport loop I bought on eBay the band fits the lug quite well. No gap.


That does look pretty close to the original. Much better than the copies I’ve tried. Might have to try one of these out. Cheers for the pic!


I ordered a bunch of sport bands from AliExpress. They are clearly not as good as the originals. Pity - but I guess too good to be true. I just want Apple to release some more colours that suit me! :man_shrugging:


Same. I’ve got another batch of Sport Bands coming (because they’re $5), but the last ones I purchased a few years back have a significantly different feel than Apple’s own Sport Bands. As much as I hate paying $80 for some fluoroelastomer, Apple puts some of that towards magic.


Yes the ones I got from eBay a few weeks ago definitely feel thinner than Apple’s - but hey - $10 vs $80 is a no-brainer.