Thought any more about a trading forum?


When I asked you guys on Twitter shortly after the site launched you did say a trading forum wasn’t on the horizon, but I’m wondering if you’ve thought any more about it at this stage.

With the refresh of Apple product lines just around the corner, I for one have a few things I’m considering selling and it’d be great to do it as part of this community.

I do understand though if there’s technical or legal considerations that prevent you from doing it. Just thought I’d put it out there again.

Shoutout to @Lockley whose Bondi Blue WTB thread inspired me to ask the question again.


We’re still thinking about it.

Personally, with the traffic the site currently does (i.e. little), I’d be extremely wary of introducing a trading forum, lest we end up with a situation where people just come to list items and not contribute to the discussion.

If the latter picks up a little more, then I’d be all for it.


I don’t see the value of a trading forum. They’re usually more trouble than they’re worth.


I’m sure it would be a pain, but it is the one thing that keeps me going back to that other forum.
I’d be for it if it went ahead.

Either that or leave things as they are? people can just chat informally and work out potential trades amongst themselves?
At least the onus is off you then.


Yep my vote (if this were a democracy :slight_smile: ) would be to leave it informal and off-site where possible.


Just a thought, but what if there was a restriction on those who could post in the trading forum.

Such as your account would have to be of a certain age and with a certain number of posts/comments?


Possible, but again, we don’t really want discussion for the sake of discussion, which is what might happen if we introduce a trading forum with post count restrictions.

That said, there’s nothing stopping people organising their own personal sales as they have always been able to via other social media. Just… don’t list stuff here, is what I’m saying.


With the “other” forum being largely a ghost town, are there any other go-to places people are using for informal sales? I’ve got an iMac 2.5" SSD mounting kit I want to get rid of and I’ve got NFI what to do with it! :smiley:


There is a trading forum here. I think you can see it after achieving certain membership milestones. It’s not very active though.


Ahh, right. I haven’t been that active on the forums here as yet, so that would explain why I can’t see it :slight_smile:


Lol at “the other forum”


For the record: we have a trading/price check forum, but you need to be an active member before being allowed access. You can find the requirements if you look hard enough, but in the interest of encouraging active members instead of those just farming likes or whatever, I’m just going to say that if you stick around, you’ll be granted access eventually.