Thursday Morning News

MacRumors has it on good authority the next-generation iPad Air will come in a gold colour option. Just like the current iPhone lineup, the iPad Air 2 (or whatever Apple choose to name it) will come in Space Grey, Gold, and Silver colour variations, adding yet another SKU to the already-complex product matrix of four different capacities with two models…

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I can’t wait until Tweetbot for iPad is released. It’s not vapourware according to their blog so there’s hope. I’ve been using the iPhone version on my iPad because of it’s extra features of the aged Tweetbot 2.

I put iOS 8.1 on my phone and iPad this morning and it’s all working well on them. I jumped in early just so I can receive and reply to SMS from Messages when I’m working at my computer.

I keep pressing the stupid keyboard button by accident, which brings up emoji, but then instead of going back to the normal keyboard when I press again it goes to popkey. Then I have to press it AGAIN to get back to the normal keyboard. These #firstworldproblems will be the death of me. And no search in popkey?