Time Machine Help



Ok… judge free environment, right? :} So it’s been some 429 days since my last backup was completed (ie before I moved house last year)… and I’ve finally found my backup drive!

Problem - Time Machine wont simply resume using the old backup, because the backup drive was formerly connected via an Airport Extreme that is no longer in use. As such, Time Machine does not recognise the former backup file.

I’m not specifically requiring data from the backup - but it does seem logical to me to attempt to continue using the existing backup rather than starting from scratch and potentially losing data that was located in the backup… Right??

A bit of a google, and I see this is not something that Apple actually want the average user to be able to accomplish - instead it requires Terminal code - tmutil associatedisk.

Other than trying to set up the Airport again… is there any other option here?




Never mind me…

I bit the bullet and just tried to backup… and was asked to verify that the drive was correct (and not being tricked into something or other)… It then spent the better part of 20 minutes “preparing” before starting to backup about 100gb of data. Still working now… but at least it’s using the correct data file.