Tips for minimising internet use?


Morning all

I’m off to Tanzania for 18 months and will have expensive 4g internet only. I have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone and an iPod touch. All synced (except for music) through iCloud. I will be taking lots of photos so will turn off iCloud photo syncing. What else should I turn off or otherwise change to minimise my unintentional data usage?

Your tips will be most welcome. Thanks.


You can just iCloud photo sync only to sync on WiFi i think.
What about disabling background app refresh?


We will buy a 4G modem and will try to make 10GB last a month - so only for email, Skype and minimal browsing. Syncing of photos using this will go through our GB in no time. Good tip re disabling background app refresh turnoff. Thanks.


Automatic app updates
Automatic app installs
Automatic system updates
All iCloud synching
Ensure all app data files are stored on device rather than in the cloud

and no doubt more



All analytics
Unnecessary notifications
Stop automatically downloading images in emails
Use an ad blocker
Consider installing and using a browser that builds the page remotely and just downloadsthe final image, such as Puffin. Opera usedto offer such a browser.


Settings / Mobile

Scroll through and disable any apps you don’t need/want accessing your data bandwidth.