TNT delivery Woes


I’ve gone and ordered a refurb Mini 4 from Apple, and its supposed to be delivered today, but the TN tracker has said “processing” for the last 7 hours (it is in Newcastle having come up from Sydney). Should I be concerned about this? I’ve never had an issue with apple/tnt before but I’m sure that theres a stage beyond processing the shipment which says its on board a truck for delivery. Am I wrong? Am I not going to get it today? Should I stop fretting?


It may be different where you are, but my orders usually say “Onboard for delivery” or similar if they’re coming that day.


thanks, i thought so. anyway it went from processing to arriving here about 5 mins ago


And now its time for buyer remorse. I really didnt know that the Mini 4 is bigger than the 1/2/3. If I had, I would have sought out a 3, it was just the better screen I was looking for, but there are so few cases around for the 4 and I dont trust ebay to give me the right size, so I’m going to have to sell the existing ones and buy a newie or two. Oh well.


My latest story:

My Apple Watch 3 was going to be delivered early - last Friday (public holiday here in Vic even) - great! Someone was home, but that person left for 1/2 hour and coincidentally TNT delivery guy came at that time, left a note. That’s fine, our fault.

So re-delivery was rescheduled for yesterday - I made sure FOUR people were home the WHOLE time. No one left the house. At the end of the day, no delivery, no note.

I check the TNT SWMY website, and it said delivery was attempted midday, and that the package is now at a a local exchange. ??? Why was there no card? Why did the doorbell not ring or door not knocked? There were 4 people at home the whole time!

Anyway, just venting - will be picking up myself today.


I work in a school so over the holidays it looks a bit deserted but I got in early today, opened the gates, let folks here know. And still, 1:46pm (whilst at my desk) they ‘attempted delivery’ and ‘card left’. They just had to walk through a door. So I rang Apple to re-schedule. The Apple dude was nice and said they’d reschedule and did all the usual apology stuff. It isn’t their fault, and no point getting annoyed with them but it’s just frustrating when you wait for ages, make all the necessary preparation and it still happens.


They could choose a different courier. I trust Auspost couriers more than TNT