Tokyo! Where to stay?


Getting married next year in February in Vietnam and we’d like to go to Tokyo for our honeymoon just for a few days. I love Japan and it’s culture but I have very little idea of the better and more interesting areas to stay. I know there are a few japanphiles here, so hoping to get some good recommendations!


I’d recommend a hotel.


…I live here. Can you be more specific with what you want?


Just looking for recommendations as to the best location to base ourselves (hotel-wise). I don’t really have much idea about the layout of Tokyo.


You should look for places on the Yamanote Line, you can pretty much get anywhere. When my parents came and stayed, they stayed in Shinagawa, which is pretty much the southern most point. There’s a lot of interesting stuff there, like the Aquarium, plenty of places to eat.


I’ve been to Japan 7 times in the last 6 years.

Always stay in Akasaka-Mitsue which has a station in the Tokyo Metro Line.

Akasaka-Mitsue Station has 4 metro lines converge in the one place so you can easily get to places like Ginza, Shibuya, Akiharbara, Ikebukuro, Asakuska etc. Actually all those places can be reached without having to change trains.

I would personally stay at Akasuka Excel Tokyo which is across the road from the station. Akasaka is a “local” stop so lots of good eating places and some of the best Ramen.

Bonus is that its on the Airport Express Bus so you don’t need to worry about the NEX and subway to get to your hotel from NRT or HND


This is a good suggestion.


We recently stayed at Tokyu Stay in Shinjuku. Great hotel, you’re in the middle of everything, but also close to parks gardens etc. Rooms are small but neat and tidy. Tokyo is awesome. You will love it.


Tokyu are intended to be used by business people, so they can be spartan, but they are often all you need. After all, you shouldn’t be hanging out in the room anyway!