Trackpad hurting fingers


After some research online this seems to be quite a common occurrence, however there also seems not to be any consensus on the cause.

With a Macbook Pro 13 (2017), I’m getting it quite a lot. It feels like electricity almost and tends to make my fingers sensitive to other things as well, almost like they’re bruised or raw. I’ve tried different sitting positions, using different fingers, alternating hands, but nothing seems to stop it.

Has there been any study done about this or does anyone know if the cause has been identified?

As a side note, if it’s got something to do with the conductivity of the trackpad, this could also explain why my speakers, on two different Macbooks, occasionally emit a crackle of static.


MacBookPro 2009 13" - sometimes I have noticed an electrical sensation on the trackpad/wrist rest area… Most noticed it when the device was plugged in - figured it was an issue with the Magsafe cord / connection…


RSI - repetitive strain injury.

Try using an external mouse or external trackpad, with a proper wrist pad. Make sure you use a wrist pad for your keyboard too (external one if needed).


Nah, again, I’ve tried things like that already. And I really don’t use it that much and haven’t had it long enough to develop RSI.



Try using the long version of the Apple power cable with the ground plug instead of the two prong “duckhead” if you have one. Sadly Apple doesn’t include anymore. :man_facepalming:


This one?


That’s the one. I had a MBP that did that, though only rarely. Never happened when using that extension cord.


Sorry - was flat out working on a mailserver migration all weekend. Yep - that’s the cable. I have a spare one here I don’t need if you want it for $20 incl. post.