Tuesday Morning News


Apple told CNBC overnight that it is on pace to beat last year’s first-weekend iPhone sales record. Last time around the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sold 10 million units in the first weekend, mostly thanks to the introduction of two new form factors. Meanwhile, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says there will be constraints on iPhone 6s Plus models due to…

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Aside from brainstorming ideas, which I think can be done on an iPad with some change of habits, the glaringly obvious flaw to graphic designers is that you cannot colour calibrate an iPad and to most designers colour accuracy is paramount.

I’m actually surprised at the article. Everyone who has gone paperless found it hard at the start until new habits formed. Of course using an iPad won’t feel as efficient right away.


That Paper app is pretty sweet. Anyone used their Pencil?


I have an older Spyder2 calibration dongle. When the version 3 and 4 unit came out, one of the big deals to get me to upgrade was the ability to calibrate iPad screens. You have to view your pictures etc within their Spyder Gallery app, but it does work.
Their competitors offer similar products (XRite, ColorMunky)

Is the level of calibration you are referring to, the fact that you can make a profile on the iPad and have it applied across the entire system (removing the need for a viewer app)?


That’s a pretty big compromise to work in one app, switch to the viewer to see how it looks, then switch back again to keep editing.

iPad has its advocates as a productivity machine, but in my eyes it is full of compromises and very limited. Colour calibration for designers is one issue, being unable to compile code for developers is another issue, being unable to work with large files (i.e. RAW image files, EPS files) or being unable to link the images in your project to a source folder. Sure you can use a cloud solution, but going back and forth with massive files is impractical.

Surface Pro 3 (and the 4 coming in just a few weeks) wipes the floor with iPad because it can do everything the iPad can and it can do everything the iPad can’t.

I know a lot of people disagree with me, but IMO Apple should have put OS X on the iPad Pro because they can call it a productivity device all they want, but it’s only that to a select group of users.