TV repair (LG 37SL80YD) possible?


A family members LG TV recently stopped working. It was used pretty much every day for the last 8 years, probably for several hours.

I have had a look at it, and it powers on with the control lights below the LCD lighting up. Though there is no display.

After about 30s I have a few lines/pixels vertically of colour (no sound) slowly moving from roughly the centre towards the right of the display, maybe 30cm in width.

Anyone who has tinkered with LCDs/TVs recently (I have not for a few years) have a thought on what it might be, and if it is repairable?

Would be handy to have around if I can get it working again (rather than another piece of e-waste).


Without having a service manual in my possession - if it were I, the first thing I would do is pull the board out and go over it with a magnifying glass or microscope camera checking for dry/dodgy solder joints and reflowing any that looked even remotely questionable.

I’d then reflow any BGA packages to resolve any underfill issues.


any recommendations for either of these? Thanks!


I’m not sure there’s much differentiation between magnifying glass models, to be honest.


You could do worse than one of these things for fine work, especially since you’re probably not wanting to spend too much on tools for this one job.