Upgrade of HDD as SSD

Hi there, I really bit the bullet this week. I decided to upgrade the HDD (Splinning) platter as an SSD. The iMac has a 27" with 8 Mg RAM and a 1Tb HDD. I replaced the HDD with a 1 TB SSD at a really good cost. There is only $60 diferrence between SSD of 521 GB and the larger (I TB). Therefore it was a no brainer.
I can’t understand why apple insist on putting a spinning platter HDD or a fusion drive in the 27’'iMac.

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I did similar to this with my '09 iMac (got it early 2010 though…).

Had 2TB internal rotary disk, upgraded to 1TB SSD. Still on 16GB RAM and my goodness did it breath new life into an old beast! Still keeps up with my 2019 MacBook Pro (2.6-6Core i7, 1TB, 16GB).

Currently sitting at my mums so she can do video editing on it and it’s absolutely perfect! Just wish it had a bit more grunt on the graphics card, but still does enough!