Upgrading Someone Else's iPhone


Hi folks
Just a quick question - in our family, when new phones come out, there’s a sort of musical chairs thing that happens where my wife gets an 8, she gives her 6 to her mum who has a 4s.

So my job is to do the upgrade and I am fine with this usually, my method is plug the 4s into a Mac, backup to iTunes then plug the 6 into the Mac and restore from iTunes. Is this the most efficient way? Would it be better to do this via iCloud instead? Should I have a seperate account on my Mac to do the backup or is backing up to my own account ok?

Advice always appreciated.


Pretty sure, the Mac option is the way to go, don’t need to have a separate account (AFIK).


iCloud backup/restore is the easiest if you have everyone’s iCloud details. Also the newer phones with iOS 11 can be set up just by putting the old phone next to it.


Mine did that! Although it seemed to only really grab the AppleID, maybe the keychain (although that’s in iCloud anyway). Made things nice any easy anyway.


Thanks all! After hunting around for a 30 pin dock connector I went with the iTunes backup / restore option. It actually worked perfectly.

I did use the iOS 11 phone to phone transfer for myself when I moved from a 6 Plus to an 8 Plus. Worked very nicely.


Yep I set up my wife’s iPhone 8 on Saturday just by putting her 6s next to it. Very cool.