I’m setting up the Mac Mini in the server rack to do a few things and there is a UPS in there plugged into the NAS (QNAP) which can issue a remote shutdown command via an IP address. Apparently what I need is a UPS NUT client on the Mac to listen for any commands.

The issue I have is that I can’t find anything form any recent period that allows this. Surely there is a simple solution given Mac’s can and do live in server environments.

Has anyone done anything like this?


Interested in this, I’m looking for something similar but to issue a remote reboot.


Bumping this for any UPS suggestions.

Power has been unreliable of late, and wanting to protect my Mac mini (Plex server, always on) and gaming rig (when in use) from outages. Not sure I can have the mini auto-shutdown as Transmission always asks if it can quit. Can I disable that or is there a specific workaround?

I was hoping someone has gone through and looked at options and has recommendations.


In Transmission, click on the Transmission menu then Preferences then untick the option to prompt for quit when transfers are active