US Itunes Geoblocked apps


For whatever reason you come across a good app except its geoblocked in the US. Not available for download from the Australian app store. At this point I’m not a 12 year old child, I have a credit card of my own. Getting around this and paying for things on the US iTunes store seems a logical nightmare and all of the services to acquire a US based Visa/Mastercard seem shady at best.

I would wonder, how does someone go about getting around this these days? Having gone through both my travel card (of which I can load $USD onto) and my personal bank account, both cards are blocked. I also tried using my PayPal account but thats a logistic nightmare in itself. One cannot simply change their PayPal address at will anymore either.

It seems to get access you’re at the mercy of buying US iTunes cards unless you know someone who can send you a US based preload Visa/Master Card.


There doesn’t appear to be any direct retail outlet that sells online (digital download) codes for US ITunes, rather it’s up to 3rd parties to sell you cards they have bought elsewhere (at a premium). Some have better systems than other with automatically delivered things, others take some time to do it.

I haven’t used one in a while, but this popped up in Google (never used them personally):

You’re right though, I think if you were going through a decent amount of credit, then a more permanent solution might be worth the effort, for a one off or occasional bit of cash then the premium is probably worth it.


I have used many times previously without any issues.


I also use, and they and yes they are fine - providing an immediate US iTunes gift card code as soon as you pay for it.

You simply set up a US itunes account with a fake US address, and when it asks for a US credit card you select Gift Card instead, and your in!