USB 3 monitor adapters for 2012 15" MacBook Pro


I’m looking at trying to extend the life of my mid 2012 15" MacBook Pro (non retina) and add a second external display to it.

Had anyone had any experience with USB 3 to monitor adapters that work with OS X? I have a spare 23" 1080p screen that I’d like to add so that I can work easier on the machine as I find the 15" screen just a little too small at times

This is the kind if thing I’m thinking of - not too worried about a little lag on the screen as it won’t be used for gaming.


Are you already using the Thunderbolt port? If you’re not, you can easily get a mini-displayport to HDMI or such adaptor to connect to your monitor…


Yes I have that in use for a screen at the moment, hence my comment about wanting to connect a second external screen


I had a USB 2.0 to DVI adapter. It was quite unresponsive, but since you’re getting a 3.0 one maybe that isn’t an issue. You probably can’t watch media on it, but what I did with mine was use the second one for my less used stuff like email program, chat etc. It was fine for that.

Mine did need a driver to work though and the manufacturer stopped making drivers after Yosemite. I didn’t even get 12 months use out of it.

The other thing was if I disconnected it while the laptop was on it crashed the whole machine.

If I were you, I’d check out the range on Amazon, sort by best rated ones and read the reviews then find the best one being reviewed on YouTube. That way you’ll get something that will work well and will be supported.


Right, well the adapter you show from eBay mentions support for MacOS X 10.6 to 10.8, and I would be very wary of it because I doubt you’ll find it easy to get newer drivers for it.

This, on the other hand, is more expensive, but is backed by a company with a good reputation.


Good point, I may look at something along the lines of the one you’ve linked to. Thanks.