Visual recognition. Better than a fingerprint reader?


So, unless the analysts all have it wrong, or there’s a supply chain stuff-up, it looks like we will be getting 3 iPhones this cycle, two updated ‘S’ versions of the iPhone 7 and the you-beaut, all-singing, all-dancing, all-bezelless OLED iPhone ‘insert your guess at the name here’.

And again unless the analysts are wrong, it looks like the OLED phone won’t come with a fingerprint reader but will instead use an advanced version of facial recognition.

So what do people think? Is this a good move, or should they wait until they can include a fingerprint reader as part of the OLED screen?

I have to say that I have my doubts whether facial recognition will work as well as a replacement. The fingerprint reader on my 6S is pretty much part of my workflow now, I couldn’t think of not being able to use it. Not to mention that it has been incorporated into some software as a security measure, such as password managers, or bank apps.

What do others think? Has anyone had experience using facial recognition on other platforms? If so what is your experience? My questions would be around the use of the technology, in low light and very bright light conditions, and with the fact that a person’s face can change over time, where a fingerprint doesn’t.

Curious to hear others’ experiences or opinions.


To me, unless it’s a big improvement, with no loss to functionality I think I’ll stick with the 7+ for now. Only thing that has really improved year on year that I care about (I realise other ppl like/need other things!) is CPU and camera - and the 7+ is already spectacular.


MASSIVE STEP BACKWARDS. MY favourite part of the iPhone SE is touch ID and I truly think its the best feature addition since the Retina display. Wait till they can put it under the display.


I’m currently using a 6+ so am three years behind at this point. I don’t think I can hold out for another year so will be looking to upgrade to 128GB 7S+ (or whatever it is).

I will be very conflicted if there is a 3rd high end option with better “stuff” in it…

Although I could very well go the other way this time around and look for a second hand used 7+ unit to save a few $$. From everything I have seen they are awesome units and would still be two generations faster than what I have now.


I’ve been aboard the iPhone Pro train the whole time

Same boat here, think I’ll be dropping back to the non-plus variant though

Are you me? That’s also how I feel. However, if TouchID is dropped for something questionably ‘better’, then I might treat it like most other 1st gen Apple tech and see what happens with revision b (and go with the aforementioned assumed 7S)


I’m not so good at that :stuck_out_tongue:
First Plus size iPhone
First gen Apple Watch
Early 2013 rMBP (which is Rev A.5)

All are still running just fine :smiley:


I had a Rev A 2016 MacBook Pro. Sold it as it was too many compromises for what I do. Rev A Macs can actually be the best investments. I’ve had a few of them replaced with new machines for clients.


So, it appears the face recognition system is a fait accompli. At least in the iPhone Space X. (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

After I made my initial post, I did a bit more research. It appears there are good enough facial recognition systems, that can recognize people in low light or bright environments, and even recognizing the same person with or without glasses, (which would be a use case I fall into). So presumably Apple will have as good as possible an implementation of the system.

There are still some unanswered questions. I would hope it wouldn’t be an always on system, i.e. I would want to be able to choose when to unlock the phone by activating the facial recognition first. The apparent lack of a home button will make that harder. One rumour I’ve seen is the use of the side button, which to me would be a clunky un-Apple like implementation, but maybe it would work in practice.

Anywho, I guess we’ll know all in several hours.


I still think its stupid. Happy to be proven wrong but I can’t see it working for so many of the instances I use Touch ID, when I wake up and Touch ID to turn off the alarm, without looking at the phone, when I have it flat on the table at work and unlock every now and again to check notifications etc.

The rumours also say that apple won’t even be offering their own inductive charger - users will need to buy 3rd party ones. I say they should have held this phone off till A) they could get Touch ID under the screen, B) They had their own charging dock and C) iOS 11 was ready. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.