Visual Studio for Mac


Had an unforgettable experience today getting to hear Satya Nadella speak in Auckland. One of the best minds in tech today, and the guy who has brought Microsoft back into the forefront of innovation. Such a humble and eloquent man.

So glad to have been invited to this very special event. Kind of surprised how well the photos came out too given the low light and bright projector screens.

He mentioned that Visual Studio for Mac was announced for general release today. I’m not a developer but this seems like a really good move!

I also got to see a lot of Xamarin demos, and it looks awesome for cross platform mobile app development. I suggest people with an interest take a look into these topics!


I’ve got a long time friend that comes from a solid open-source experience and who now works for a german bank. After more than 20 years in web development he talks high phraises of the Microsoft editor in this suite …