Vivaldi: a Chromium Browser Par Excellence


I just discovered this amazing new browser. I am never going back to any of the big ones. Chrome, Firefox or Safari are antiquated and annoying compared to this thing. I really can’t gush about this thing enough. So much customisation and so many excellent features that leave other browsers in the dust.

I’m too tired right now to list all the fancy stuff about it that I love, but trust me, you owe it to yourself to give it a go.


Appears to have up to 0.15% market share. Here are a couple Youtube videos:


I’ve been looking at Brave as a replacement for Safari, but this looks to be worth a shot. Downloading it now.

There’s something to be said for pre-packaged browser engines. Small browsers with minimal market share can have access to the same development resources as the larger browsers, adopting any improvements in performance or standards compliance often at the same time, while also fine-tuning the engine for the browser’s individual goals.

Both Vivaldi and Brave are based on the same open-source Blink rendering and V8 Javascript engines as Chrome, so site compatibility and performance should be fairly comparable.




I’ve got to say, that post reads like a press release/marketing spiel.

New(ish) account, the wording, and the minuscule market share.



Tried it, dont like it. Its crap on a 13" screen. Big panels are just annoying.


Tried it… couldn’t import my Safari bookmarks, therefore useless.


My bookmarks came over without trouble. I just didnt like the presentation. THey end up in a subfolder called “From Safari” under Bookmarks.


Who damaged you?

And my god, you people preferring Safari is just mind-boggling. It is, by a very large margin, the worst browser currently on the market. I tried switching to it wholesale in the last month and it was so lacking in every single area that I had to abandon it, which is incredibly annoying because the one feature that was good about it was Keychain integration across my Macbook Pro, Apple TV and iPhone 6s.

But whatever, enjoy your antiquated, POS browser and I’ll enjoy my highly customisable, feature-rich one.


Look who’s got his (BIG) nose out of joint.



Hit a nerve did I?

I write, edit and disseminate media releases and have a fair bit to do with PR/Marketing strategy.

Enjoy your better browser, I’ll pass.


I installed Vivaldi on my Windows PC for sites that needed Chrome for one reason or another. I don’t mind it.

But to be honest I’ve stuck with Safari on Mac and Edge on PC because my browser bookmarks stay in sync across all my devices. If Apple ever let us choose a default browser on iOS that might change.


I’m happy with Safari. :man_shrugging:


Wow, this forum is so incredibly insular that you actually think you’re the good guys here. Christ almighty, I found a browser I really liked after testing them all and thought to share that with others and all I’ve received is idiotic hostility and moronic sentimentality and a fixated need to attack the outsider.

Congratulations on creating an environment where no-one new wants to participate. Oh, and Safari is a fucking shit browser.


All I said was I tried to import Safari’s bookmarks into Vivaldi and it didn’t work, so it’s of no use to me. You’re the one that got all uptight about it. Clearly you and this website are not a good fit, so please, don’t let the door hit you on the arse on your way out :stuck_out_tongue:


There is absolutely NO need for that level of rudeness.


Works well for me :man_shrugging:

Different things work for different people/needs etc :slight_smile:


I’m an IT professional. I use Safari ~95% of the time, during which I have no issues. It’s my primary browser as I love how fast and respectful of my RAM it is. I do keep Chrome installed as my fallback (mainly for Google web properties when needed, or as a second browser to log into a site I’m already logged into in Safari).

I see no need for swearing, name calling or outrage. This is not that sort of community, right @bennyling?


No, it’s not. But there are two sides to every story, and on this particular occasion, I see fault from both sides.

A new member comes into our community, posts enthusiastically about a browser that they have found to be to their liking, and instead of further questions of why they like it (as their original post was light on details) or why someone should use it when Safari already fulfils their needs — you know, the kind of discussion you might expect from sane, sensible, rational discourse of personal browser preferences — is instead met with scepticism and thinly-veiled accusations of being a marketing shill.

Their response only escalated the situation — perhaps justifiably so, going by a previous incident in another topic where their (admittedly somewhat inflammatory) comment was quickly shot down as being off-topic, when a more appropriate response would have just been to flag the post.

I’ve touched on this before, but for whatever reason, there seems to be some kind of “if you don’t agree with me you must be wrong” culture here that leads to these kinds of confrontational engagements we get now and again. Usually, someone says something someone else doesn’t agree with, and instead of attacking the point, they respond by attacking the individual. Instead of rationally explaining, in 1200 words or more, why Vivaldi is, in fact, superior to Chrome, Safari, and any other browser you care to name, we instead go for the throat. Or, perhaps worse, leave the conversation altogether, which is a net loss for any civilised discourse that we were going to have on the subject.

And look, I get it. Humans are emotional. I don’t like being told I’m wrong, and I don’t know many people that do. But if you tell me why, I might be a little more accepting of your particular point of view. And even if I continue to disagree, that’s fine too, so long as I don’t resort to ad-hominem name calling or conduct unbecoming of what I’d expect from rational adults on the internet.

If you didn’t read the FAQ/community guidelines when you signed up, that’s cool, only 73 people have out of the 500-ish that we have in Trust Level 1 or higher, but I’d recommend taking a(nother) look so you can see the kind of conduct we expect, which outlines pretty much everything I’ve covered here.

So yes, I absolutely agree that there’s no need for swearing, name calling, or outrage. But by the same token, I’d expect new and unfamiliar faces to be given a warm welcome. I’m not asking you to molly-coddle them, roll out the red carpet, wait on their hand and foot, or anything like that. Just be nice to your fellow Apple enthusiasts. Be sceptical, sure, but be nice about it.

As always, Toby and I are reachable by PM if you want to discuss something specific privately.

I’m locking this topic now that it’s been thoroughly derailed. If you wish to continue discussing your preferred web browser (and/or the merits of Vivaldi over others), please start a new topic.