W.a.l.t - w.o.w!



To Quote the good Doctor…

I wonder why I’ve never seen that before. Now isn’t that strange…

Amazing for the time! Completely impractical with that tech and obvious why it didn’t go to production. Might have been better with a specific OS…



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I was semi aware of this I think, but didn’t realise that it was announced!

Pretty cool!



I can’t say I even knew it existed until I saw this article - though in 1993, I’d only been a Mac owner for about 12 months.

I like seeing these little insights. It’s odd though - I’d have thought they would have incorporated Newton tech into such a device. The pen system clearly is not Newton’s inkwell, however. I guess if such a leap did occur - Newton & System 6 / 7, things could have been really different now…




I remember similar Newton based prototypes (and partnerships) that never shipped.

Fascinating to see Apple consistently return to the same good ideas. Look at today’s implementation of those same concepts! :open_mouth:



I recall Hypercard being used as a POS system back in the day… For a while in recent years, iMacs became common as a shop-front “register” - I think the increase in price lately has put the nix on that.

Certainly though - Hypercard had an address book - that was what I felt I was looking at in the WALT - or at least from that family…



I think I came across it online at some point… Given I was -3 in 1993 :stuck_out_tongue:

I also find these sorts of things interesting! It is funny to think how things might have panned out differently.