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The Apple Online Store went down overnight, and when it came back up, there were a bunch of new things. For starters, there’s a new 9.7-inch iPad, which replaces the old iPad Air 2. It has very similar dimensions as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, but comes without the pro-features such as Apple Pencil support, the A9X processor, the laminated display, True Tone, or wide colour. It’s also not compatible with the Smart Keyboard, comes in 32GB or 128GB capacities, and starts at $469 for Wi-Fi, or $669 for Wi-Fi and cellular. Order one from 2:01AM AEDT on Saturday.

Apple also wanted to keep the “new” tag on the iPhone 7 for a little longer, so they’ve gone and introduced a Product(RED) iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The special edition Product(RED) iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are only available in 128GB and 256GB capacities, for the same starting prices of $1229 and $1419 that you’d pay for the regular iPhone 7 models. Like the iPad, you can order one online starting this Saturday.

It wouldn’t be an Apple product update without some new Apple Watch bands. For the first time, Apple will now be selling Nike+ bands separately in three distinctive colours for $79, and there are also new models and colours of Hermès bands starting at $749, along with a few new colours to the Sport, Woven Nylon, and Classic Buckle styles.

The penultimate thing Apple announced overnight was Clips, a fun video creation app. The cool feature of Clips is undoubtedly Live Titles, which let users create animated captions on their short video clips using their voice. You can add effects to your videos, check out the real-time previews of filters, and then share with other users over iMessage or your favourite social network. Clips isn’t due out until April, and you’ll need to be running iOS 10.3 to use it.

Apple’s final announcement was the announcement of Swift Playgrounds being available in five additional languages, including Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, German, and Latin American Spanish.

Six Colors points out the new 9.7-iPad is slightly heavier and thicker than the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, even though it’s the same height and width. Other changes to the iPad lineup include the fact that the iPad mini 4 is now only available in a 128GB capacity, with Apple dropping the previous 32GB model.

A minor update to the iPhone SE lineup doubles the storage capacity to 32 and 128GB, for $679 and $829, respectively. Like all of Apple’s other announcements, you’ll be able to pick one up starting Saturday.

There are also a bunch of new silicon and leather cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, available with the Apple Watch bands that have matching colours.

Speaking of Apple Watch bands, Apple appears to have cut back the number of Apple Watch SKUs that they sell. Now, Apple Watch combinations only come with a Sport band, Milanese loop, or Hermès band in the box, forcing you to buy additional bands if you want something different. It’s probably not a bad thing, but eventually we’ll get to the point where you buy everything separately.

A minor update to iTunes now lets you rent once and watch anywhere. Watching content rentals between your Apple TV or iOS device has never been easier.


The 128Gb capacity makes the iPhone SE more viable as an alternative to the non 3.5mm 7 and 7 plus but I’d have liked to have seen an upgrade to the internals to 7 speed.

I wasn’t expecting an iPad mini upgrade sigh so no surprises there.

But ‘rent once and watch anwhere’ woo hoo!

I’ve been complaining about that for years, previously if I rente a movie during my lunch break on my desktop computer then I couldn’t finish watching until next day (and half the time I’d be too busy so I’d either have to not finish watching it or I’d have to rent it again to see the second half).

OTOH if I’d rented at home and watched part of the movie then I couldn’t finish watching at work during lunch.

This finally fixes that!

edit Reading closer it appears that this may only apply to iOS devices… grrrr!


God damnit I just bought a new leather case 2 days ago. Sigh.


Glad the iPad line is simplified - makes more sense now. Also good the SE has 128GB of storage. Not so impressed wiht the cost cutting on the new iPad - it is thicker, only has an A9 ( should be normal a10 or a9x).

I think I’m mostly disappointed that there is no new iPad Pro as I had the money ready!! Ah well. Hopefully soon!


I’m hoping this was the precursor to the main announcement. Clearing the decks so to speak. There seems to be a lot of gossip about a 10.5" iPad and the 9.7" and 12" pro features need to be more or less brought into line.


I really hope so! All I want is the current pro 9.7 but with an A10X and 4GB of Ram! There is talk of no iPad updates till November though :open_mouth:

Then again I got a new smart case and glass screen protector for my iPad 2 earlier this year so maybe I can hold out till 2018 :smiley:


Ouch, I hadn’t heard that! I hope that’s not true, although it kind of makes sense for Apple to go to an 18 to 24 month cycle with iPad. It doesn’t need to be updated every year and given people are hanging onto them longer anyway what’s the point of them trying to wow us with mediocre upgrades? Wow us every two years and put the resources into other areas maybe.


Personally I think it should be updated every year - however only a spec bump. Just put in the latest A series CPU/GPU and bump the ram. Its a big nuisance when you want to buy a new iPad and the only options are too long in the tooth to consider.