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Rumours have it the next-generation iPad Air for a launch sometime in October. The new comes via the Commercial Times, and while specific dates have been ruled out, there are still 30 other days in the month Apple could hold the event. Likely changes to the iPad Air include the addition of Touch ID, a thinner design, Apple’s A8 SoC,…

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I’ve read the MR article and comments and it seems they’re also bending when sitting down with the phone in the front pocket. I’m guessing that’s with shallow pockets where the phone doesn’t sit flat on the thigh. The media love to find something for click-bait that’s for sure, but I guess I’d be pissed too if I spend $1k on a new phone and it bent being in my front pocket (only a fool would put it in their back pocket and sit their body weight on it).

iOS 8 is paying havoc with our campus wi-fi. Every time you connect to a different MAC address with the same SSID it disconnects. With hundreds of access points across the campus it’s a nightmare.

Perhaps those people that wanted a smaller iPhone were right after all :wink: