Weird Activity bug with streak continuity


I hit all three my goals on the 20th but some reason (I don’t know why), the Achievement says my streak ended on the 19th despite hitting (and almost doubling) my movement goal (and increasing it another 200kj this morning). Has anyone come across this or does anyone know a fix at all?

I know it’s a pretty big FWP but the reason it bothers me so much is because I was on a 111 day Move Streak and it was actually a really good motivator to keep going.


Managed to get credit for the 20th by winding my day back on my iPhone and restarting, but now can’t get credit for the 21st, so in the. Same boat again. Annoying as f**k.


My activity streak broke when I updated the iOS on my watch. For some reason, the information had not synced to my iPhone as yet, and so when the iOS got updated it deleted all the data for the day.

That was the end of a 6 month streak! I’ve given up on hitting streaks now, but the watch is still a motivator to do more.


I hit the move goal but wasn’t credited for it.

I managed to get credit for Sunday by setting my clock back a day, wait for it to click over and then forwards, doesn’t want to work for yesterday or today though. I’m on holidays with no wifi at the moment but hoping when I update to 9.3 it kicks it into gear (not confident though).


Been trying to work with the new Apple Support Twitter account to see if I can retrospectively continue my streak.

Absolutely hopeless.

Usual story of suggesting solutions that are irrelevant to the problem.

But, just tried one last time to set my date back to the days I missed and it looks like it’s all solved!

Which I’m happy about because otherwise it would’ve probably meant getting a FitBit and joining the ever increasing number of ex Apple Watch users who’ve gotten themselves a nice mechanical watch.


Noticed my Streak Achievement was 113 but counting the days manually revealed I was at 115. It resolved itself within 12 or so hours.

Now the affected days have two move streak completion achievements.


Interesting. Amusingly I found this thread earlier today googling apple activity streaks.

Having got my watch just after Christmas I’m on a 60 day streak and keen to keep it up. It’s set to 1,000 calories which is challenging but doable - it means I have to do some form of exercise, whether it’s a run, swim, or long walk, to make it to the 1,000 calories each day. Standing and exercise minutes are generally doable without much fuss.

However I’m going overseas in about 6 weeks, which will involve a very long day as I cross over the date line, and then a missed day as I cross back. How does the Apple Watch/Activity deal with timezones?

The long day should be no problem, but for the day I miss on the plane back I’m thinking I might drastically reduce the daily goal for the surrounding days, and then play with the timezones. If I work it out properly I should be able to get 12 hours of standing…

Am I right in thinking that it’s the watch’s timezone you need to change, or is it the phone and the watch?

Does anyone have any experience of crossing timezones with the watch? Whilst it is sort of cheating it’s been a great motivator to get out and exercise even in the rain so I don’t want to lose my streak if there’s a way around it.