Welcome to AppleTalk Australia


Well, Apple (or their representatives) know we exist - we’ve been accepted to both the Apple Store and iTunes affiliate programs. Hopefully their willingness to a) accept us to those programs, and b) not issue a cease and desist means that we’re okay.

(Knock on wood.)

MacTalk member check-in thread

Hello… :slight_smile:


yay, the old forum feeling is back


Hello everyone! Good to see all these new and old faces!


This will be my new apple home. The forum structure is foreign but I’ll get used to it. :slight_smile:


If you want to see a more “traditional” forum structure, use the Categories tab at the top. But I recommend sticking with Latest - you’ll get used to it quickly. For all its quirks, Discourse is by far the best forum software I’ve ever used.

An introduction to Discourse

Just wanted to say hi, was on MacTalk and now migrated across here…


Welcome! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback, we’re always listening. :smile:


I believe the Appletalk -> Mactalk change also had something to do with advertising, which Appletalk doesn’t have.


Hi guys, just thought I’d say hi. Just joined up a few days ago. Have been a member of mactalk for 11 years but jumped over here for the same reasons most of you have too. Was known as Carlow1 at MT but going for a new name of JDOZ now.

Gosh I remember when mactalk was Appletalk back in the day. Nice to see some familiar members on here too. I’m looking forward to the old forum feeling again. Cheers guys.


Possibly. I thought it was something to do with the now defunct “Appletalk” communication protocol. No matter. Anyway, if Apple and itunes affiliations have been already approved, I’m thinking Toby is right and there isn’t going to be a problem with the name.


Wow - Anthony posts in the MacTalk thread:

Yes, I know, I can’t help visiting MacTalk because… it’s a habit! I loved that place.

Anthony’s last line says it all:

Everyone still here should just abandon ship and stop giving Niche any sort of attention, they don’t deserve your valuable time or knowledge.


The sad thing is that Niche are so disinterested in MacTalk that they don’t even know there’s a mutiny going on.


I agree! I was a mod over there (Goodbye), and have barely visited in the last few weeks let alone do any modly activity. They (Niche) can’t be bothered to even communicate, why should we give them the satisfaction of continuing ad revenue and visits to the site?


Have to agree with Anthony. Unfortunately the time for MacTalk has come to an end. A once great site now destroyed by people who don’t care about it.

It was nice to see Anthony post there again though.

Long live AppleTalk though!


Wow. Just came across this after a long time away from MacTalk. Nice to see all the old regulars here :slight_smile:


Yea - was a member of MacTalk since 2005, shame it has died :cry: . I had close to a 1000 posts, contributed financially (before Niche) and had one pinned “How to” Migrate Outlook Express and Outlook Office to Apple mail back in 2005.

Even though in March 2014 I moved back home to Kiwi Land I still participated in that forum, what a loss but we move on and Niche Publishing could not or would not move on.


Go AppleTalk

Cheers :grinning:


+1 for refugee from MacTalk. I was wondering why I kept seeing tumbleweeds blowing by…


Oh lord, here you all are. I went back to Mactalk after a quite few months and there was none behind the doors. Strayed onto a thread that mentioned this place. Hi all.


Is there any plans to add a trading category for those looking to sell items? Or is that just too much work to administer?