Welcome to AppleTalk Australia


+1 for refugee from MacTalk. I was wondering why I kept seeing tumbleweeds blowing by…


Oh lord, here you all are. I went back to Mactalk after a quite few months and there was none behind the doors. Strayed onto a thread that mentioned this place. Hi all.


Is there any plans to add a trading category for those looking to sell items? Or is that just too much work to administer?


There’s one but you need to be at a certain activity level to see it.


Thanks for the info. Need to build up my reputation and post count again. Begin the spamming!


I’ll reply to you to help you. :slight_smile:


Oh man…lol…so what’s the requirement for the inner sacrum I’ve got a MacBook I need to sell lol


Hi I’d like to say thank you for having such an arena that new Apple converts (Hopefully procuring iphone x tomorrow) can go too in times of need.Have a merry Christmas to all.