Well, America didn't totally screw up I guess


Everyone I voted for won their seats.

Dems take the House of Representatives, which does include the power to investigate, demand evidence, control the purse, and pretty much stops any legislation (as it requires both chambers). It doesn’t stop judicial or executive appointments.

I give this a very firm “it’s okay, I guess.”

Welcome to the 2020 campaign, rest of the world, because that’s how we roll.


If you’re happy, I’m happy. :slight_smile:


A step in the right direction is better than no step at all.


So, another 2 years of the Orange Man. Hopefully his idiot supporters will have noticed by then, that even though he may be building walls and blocking immigration from the direction of Mexico… their lives wont change…


Any reason why you thought this was in doubt?


Even had we won the Senate, impeachment would have been hard. Without it, it is impossible because the Senate is the jury, while the house is the court. House indicts, Senate convicts. The Senate was never in play really. Because while there was an outside chance of a 50/50 split, given that more Dems were defending seats than Republicans, even then the Vice President is also head of the Senate and gets a vote, which is Mike Pence.

Even then, impeachment proceedings take a long time. Let’s say Dems hypothetically had gotten the best case scenario: a massive amount in the house and like 52/48 in the Senate. It’d still have taken at least a year to investigate, indict, and convict. At least. And in this political climate, probably longer. So by the time he got convicted and thrown out of office, it’d be time for the presidential election anyway AND then we would have President Mike Pence, who has a much better shot of winning the presidency in 2020 as an incumbent than the “Orange Man.”

We’re stuck with him until 2020 at least, and frankly, we always were.


Any reason you thought I doubted it?


For whatever reason my iPad is refusing to acknowledge my desire to quote part of your post. Oh well…

Yeah 2020… are there any Democrats likely to step up, who might have a shot against Trump? in 2016, TBH, I was rooting for Bernie Sanders.


There will be many great Democratic contenders in 2020. Bernie is the current front-runner. Other expecteds are Harris, Booker, Warren, former Vice President Biden, Congressman Beto O’Rourke who came within a hair, in Texas, of unseating the 25 lizards in a Brooks Brothers suit that calls itself Ted Cruz… Beto has the pretty typical Democratic “president-feel” and even though he lost, he built the kind of coalition infrastructure (if you look at the county level) that is exactly the kind of coalition infrastructure that wins nation-wide. This did not go unnoticed.

In very recent news, the last seat in my state just went Dems, meaning my state elected no GOP to any seat or state-wide office this cycle. None. That last seat shifted by 25 points. I’d have to check the history books, but I don’t think this has ever happened before. It’s both good and bad, good, because if I ever move back to the States, I’m pretty well sure that inside my borders, things are going to be pretty good. Bad news, it may indicate that American Federalism is reaching such a straining point, that people are entrenching into their states in such a way as to spell doom for national compromise. As a civics teacher, this trend concerns me.


People still believe two opposing parties are actually against each other? Just as they believe that politicians, yes even the demos, actually care about what people want and that they will deliver it?

By the way, just because I’m a Trump supporter it doesn’t make me an idiot :wink: currently I make decent money because of the changes he brought in. But this doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like demos if their policies and changes made money for me.

Peace :wink:

The idiot, apparently.


As a Democrat, I’m not interested in “making money” for anyone. I’m interested, in the short and long terms, for providing good social infrastructure, and that does mean good jobs, but I fundamentally don’t believe in “wealth” and certainly not excessive wealth. I don’t want “money,” I want a “comfortable standard of living.” I want people to have access to healthcare and pensions, for their children to have access to robust, comprehensive public education, for there to be well maintained roads and bridges, for there to be public transport like busses, light rail, bullet trains, for there to be food security which is definitively knowing where your next meal is coming from and that it is a healthy, nutritious, and appetising one, I want people to have access to good quality and affordable housing…

I don’t care about “money” because I don’t care about the game of racking up “currency points.” So, yeah, maybe you shouldn’t vote for me or my party, because that’s not the goal. We have enough excessively rich people, we don’t need to make more when 15% of children in America are still on the verge of starving.


Demos not interested in making money, what are you smoking? Everyone is interested in making money, you’d be stupid not to.


Let me be clear: I have a leadership position in the party. I chair a committee. I have a vote (one of three on said committee, a very small constituent part of the party) in electing some members of the Democratic National Committee. When you talk about “Demos” you’re talking about me; I don’t just vote for Democrats, I actually am one, even by parliamentary system terminology.

In the US, reliable voters are identified as part of the party, USians don’t think of themselves as choosing between parties, unless they identify as Independents, they actually identify as members of the party for which they consistently vote. This is sometimes hard to explain to non-USians. I had a political consultation with the new Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and it took a while for them to understand that my mother (a voter who has never held any position with the party) and myself (an actual member of party structure) are both “Democrats.”

Now that little civics lesson aside, I don’t do any drugs. They’re very, very, VERY illegal in Japan, with very harsh sentences. I am absolutely not interested in making money. I’m quite happy making exactly the amount that covers my very basic lifestyle. Acquisition of wealth is a trap. You might consider me stupid. I consider myself as unselfish and socially minded. Greed, despite what the other party thinks, is not good. That idea deserves to be as dead as Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.


Ease up mate, you trying to preach to someone who grew up and was force fed communism and socialism most of my life…I’ve lived through and experienced what it is to believe in one party and its policies (or fairytales as we used to call them) never again!

That’s why I was surprised, well I really wasn’t since I see it on the “credible” news and the “fake” news, your post here (essays actually) about something so bloody stupid. :slight_smile:

The orange dude, crooked Hilary and her rapist lying husband, Commie Bernie, hell even Aussie PM and his opponent (don’t write their names since they change so often or don’t really have any power to deliver) are lying to us all.

You really believe demo leaders don’t believe or are not greedy for power and money? Really?

Politics, ha ha, look what it does to all of U$.


Yes, and I spent most of my life (until I got up and emigrated) in the one-party rule that was (and sadly remains) Republican Texas. The avowed goal of Texas Republicans (and they have nearly succeeded) is to wipe out any other party. There are a few Democrats left, and Beto O’Rourke was able to help some state rep seats go Dem, but the Texas GOP still has a super majority in both houses, every state-wide office, and the courts.

I’ve seen what one-party rule looks like, and I do not support it. I believe in loyal opposition parties. I believe in factionalism (which is to liberty what air is to fire, as Madison said). I believe in divided government. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I believe some Dem leaders (no one actually says Demo, btw, that’s not a diminutive used in American politics) are greedy for power and money. I believe the internal mechanics of the party and the primary system (remember, every Democratic voter has a say in the party selection process AND can come to precinct meetings, county conventions, state conventions, the national convention, take on leadership roles in the party etc if they want, most just do not) ultimately make this harder and harder. We’ve managed to unseat some pretty entrenched and questionable members of our party in the primary process. And you can expect more of that as our leadership continues to skew younger, less white, more queer, more female etc. Unlike the other party which continues to skew older, whiter, and more male.

I’ve voted for Green candidates and Libertarian candidates in races where a Democrat wasn’t running. I would gladly see Congress move to a Coalition, power sharing arrangement with loyal opposition parties and more independents. Bernie is an independent, technically. As is Angus King. Gary Johnson is a libertarian, and I agree with him half of the time, he governed as a Republican, but only in name only. Everyone knew he was a Libertarian. Jesse Ventura was a great independent governor.

The majority of Republicans have no moral authority and are not loyal to democratic (lowercase d) or republican (lower case r) ideals. They must be run out of office, and I think Dems are the best shot for this, but I’ll gladly work with any other reasonable, mainstream party in American politics (we actually are a multi-party system on paper, but we need to do more to bolster the other parties) to see it happen.

Edit: further clarification about how leadership works in the Democratic Party. There are positions from precinct captain all the way up to the Chair of the Democratic National Committee. The highest positions are contested, but lower positions almost are never contested. Every Democratic voter can contest these party positions. Every single one. You do not need to be chosen, you do not need to donate to the party, you just need to show up. If you don’t like the leadership at the top, you gotta show up at the bottom. That’s what I did. I technically had an opponent, she never actually showed up after putting her hat in the ring. She lost, by a landslide. I may as well of not had an opponent. This is disappointing. Democracy is not a spectator sport.


I make great money and I’m an idiot. I wouldn’t call income a classifier.


I would definitely call income a…

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