What car do you drive?


I’m the opposite! I’ve been driving autos all my life but looking to get a manual next - not sure if I will actually like it but driving is one of my passions, so I thought it was time to give it a go.


1969 Ford Falcon Futura, 302 V8.



…and sometimes a wacked-out AU falcon with substance abuse issues.



Oh wow! I’d love a Commodore Sportwagon, they are great cars!

Lol hey, I’m a P plater :stuck_out_tongue: Though I’m the sort that others hate because I do the speed limit.

I drive an automatic. I live in areas where there is way too much start stop traffic for a manual to be enjoyable.


I learned to drive in an auto… and my first car was auto… then my 2nd car (otherwise identical to the first) was a manual… And yes, a manual sports car can be more fun… but… frankly I’d prefer auto all day long. Maybe I just don’t “do it” right… :slight_smile:


I’ve learned in an auto… and in my 4 short years of driving ( 3.5 years of L plating and the rest P plating), I’ve never driven a manual and I don’t feel the need beyond being able to drive all sorts of cars. Maybe one day :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s nothing quite like the sound of a nice off-beat V8. I was drooling over a 351 GT parked next to me yesterday afternoon. How they ever managed to race them at Bathurst though is beyond me.


I learnt on an auto, my first car was a manual civic, got sick of it bought an auto, now I’m back in a manual car and looking to get a new auto. Go figure :confused:


Purchased in December last year. 2014 Golf GTI Performance. Awesome car. Very happy with it.


2009 Tiguan 103TDI 6sp. Done a lot of very enjoyable Ks in this. It goes many places and does it well in almost every respect.

Chambers Gorge, SA.


2010 BMW 1-series, and I don’t intend to upgrade to a new car that does not have Apple Car Play.


2013 Mazda 3.

Perk of my otherwise mostly uninspiring job.


Grand Cherokee Overland


Lots of interesting vehicles here :slight_smile: I drive a 2004 Astra H. I was a little sceptical when buying it because the first owner was selling it only 6 months after owning it :confused:
So far and only 130,000 km later the only thing that is failing is the automatic transmission inhibitor switch. This means I have an auto but I have to drive it like a manual :slight_smile:
I always drove or owned manual cars but don’t intend too, I actually really enjoy driving an automatic. It’s a little bit of western technology I find useful and one that makes more sense in a car used in a big city traffic :slight_smile:



I don’t drive a car unfortunately (hence my username) - so its buses, trains and trams for me. And the odd taxi.


Sold the car in March 2007, and Public Transport ever since (apart from the odd car rental). It helps that I live on a train line and near three tram routes, and in a complete emergency it’s an hours walk from my house to Flinders Street Station. I still love cars, but I don’t miss driving one iota. Would it be possible to buy a Tesla and just have it in the garage to look at? :slight_smile:


Cheaper to just line the garage walls with photos of Teslas :slight_smile:


Evo X

Had a Ralliart Colt before that… and 30 other cars actually but those are the two most recent ones.


Mini Cooper S in British Racing Green right now…

Put a deposit down for a Tesla Model 3, which will be my next car (whenever that turns up).


Swapped my VZ Berlina + change about 12 months ago for a great condition E46 BMW. It’s only the 318i poverty pack, but it’s a manual and has been looked after all it’s life!

I started teaching myself how to do basic maintenance on the Holden, and the advantage of the BMW is there’s a much wider market, so a much wider availability of know-how and youtube vids to follow. So far I’ve done a gearbox oil change, diagnosed and organised repairs done on the cooling system, and soon I’ll be replacing the front swaybar links and doing a motor oil change. Good “clean” fun.

Currently I’m waiting for an aftermarket stereo that fits the slightly-larger-than-double-DIN space and has CarPlay, but for now it has an Aux cable hooked up to an old iPod AV cable, in turn hooked up to a 30-pin -> Lightning adapter. I ran it through the centre console and made a hole for it to pop through near the armrest. It’s not perfect, but it charges and plays great quality audio so I’m happy!