What car do you drive?


2010 (MY11) Automatic Corolla Ascent Sedan. It’s safe, it’s efficient, it’s reliable and despite the fact that everyone who doesn’t own one hates them, I enjoy driving it enough :slight_smile:

My only real complaint is the 4 speed automatic… A 6 speed auto would be much nicer, but hey the 4 speed does the job and I’m grateful to have a car at all.


Mine is white though.


Renault Megane GT Line whenever the fiance lets me. It’s primarily hers to drive but I really enjoy it. Quite a dynamic drive for a tiny 1.2L turbo and non-sporty spec.

My Fiance’s Ninja 300 I got her as an engagement present when I proposed. I ride it sometimes as well. Pretty fun for 300cc. Kills me if I do more than 100km on it. Not designed for 194cm 110kg dudes.

My daily hack. MT-09. Got the full works upgraded. Whole new suspension, Full Akrapovic exhaust. Topbox (so so cool… ugh).


Just put down a deposit on this…

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser “Midnight Blue” 2.4L

My wife has picked up a maternity contract, so will be working for the next 6+ months, thus we figured it was time to become a 2 car family once more. And whilst she was originally suggesting crappy boring hatchbacks (just needed to get me from home to work to home, and occasionally pick up the kids from school/care)… the PT Cruiser popped up on a few searches, and immediately caught my eye!

Took it for a nice long test drive this afternoon, and - provided the dealer can get his detailer to remove the cigarette smell - I’ll be picking the car up in a couple weeks. Whilst on the test drive I spoke with 2 random car detailers, and both said that with a thorough clean, and some kind of spray used to clean out the A/C, it should be ok.

Fingers crossed…




Getting this year’s rego organised for my elderly Suzuki, I find that I need to have around $2k worth of repairs done, sometime over the next 12 months. I’m not sure the car is even worth that much. My next car may be a bus.


2008 Ford Territory Turbo:

Also a 2013 Ford Ranger.

Although I hate to say it, we’re going to have to move as I’m being made redundant and the Turbo, due to fuel costs may have to go. That will be a sad day, it’s been a great car to drive.


It’s a Honda DC4 Integra, because new cars are boring.


PT Cruiser is mine… Now arguing with caryard cos they didn’t do half the things they were meant to do… (I’ll accept some blame - picked the car up with barely any sleep; didn’t check properly) But other than that, she’s niice…


2002 VX 2 Commodore Berlina, but the time is coming to replace it :frowning:

Given that Holden are no more as of October this year (and one of the current models or replacements looks any good to me) I think I’ll have to go to something Japanese or Korean to replace it, does anyone have any recommendations? (I’m in NZ)


My family had a VX II Acclaim - great car and I miss it! The VF Commodores are very nice cars though, but I’d be worried about maintain getting expensive once the factories shut.

There are a few choices, depending on whether you want a 4 cylinder or V6. The Camry is reliable, comfortable etc but not overly exciting to drive. The Toyota Aurion is a better match to the commodore as it has a great V6 engine, and a more engaging drive than the Camry. The Mazda 6 is apparently a lot more dynamic than the Camry, but also has the reliability though probably not as comfortable a ride. The Subaru Liberty also looks pretty nice. Really you’re pretty safe with A Toyota, Honda, Mazda etc as they’re all reliable. I still think the Japanese cars are better than the Hyundais and Kia’s, though the magazines rave about them.


Just realised that I never posted a pic of my ride.

2010 VE SS Ute 6.0L 6-speed manual.


Picked up my new ride this weekend. Haven’t stopped smiling since I got her.

Definitely a step up from my old Holden Ute. :smiley: :smiley:


2000 Honda Logo TS GA3 in the same color as Orestes, because he’s right, you know.


As if 3 or 4 weeks ago. 2009 Mazda 3. Before I picked it up I had it booked in for a CarPlay head unit installation.


2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid.


From 1984, thats me in the middle of the back seat :blush:


And my current car: 2016 VW Golf Sportswagen.




Which head unit you go for.

Looking to have one installed in my outback (once I save for the expensive facia plate). Was leaning towards to Sony XAV-AX100 (I wish they would make a right hand drive model, with the nobs on the right)


There is a wireless Pioneer unit due out this month, though hardware design (external) seems less appealing…


Pioneer. It was on sale, $100 more than Sony’s current offering but it does look a lot nicer. Also has CD/DVD slot, SD card slot (neither of which I’ll ever use) and Android Auto (my girlfriend has a Galaxy S7).


Daily driver is a 2016 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport 6sp Manual. I travel 140km to work so its been reliable and uses 6L/100km of fuel. Lease ends in 2018 so I’ll look to get something a bit more exciting.

This is a 2017 Holden Commodore SSV Redline Sportwagon. One of the last Aussie V8 wagons. Wife uses it daily and in stop/start traffic she gets 14L/100km. On a family trip to the beach for Easter we did 700km of country driving. Car used 7.2-8.6L/100km so fairly economical for a big V8.