What car do you drive?


Looking at getting rid of the Holden Festiva, now it’s leaking coolant for the 3rd time in 12 months (and other amazing, expensive stories)…

The wife wants another 7 seater SUV, bigger this time, so been looking at Klugers and Sorentos and stuff; then she spotted a Fiat Freemont. Fiat? Freemont? 2 alien terms to me. But from the same people that bring Chrysler to Australia… so… guess I’ll try keep an open mind. The car seems to have quite a bit of tech, and a shit load of storage, which is great with the 3 boys.

Time will tell.


Holden Festiva? Ford Festiva or Holden Captiva?


Lol too many cars… Holden Zafira is what I meant to say… Ford Festiva is what my wife used to drive years ago.


Noooo! The Fremont is too low powered. And parts cost a bomb. If you want a seven seater SUV (not an off road tower) get a Santa Fe, sorento, CX-8 or CX-9. Although like the Kluger, the Cx-9 is thirsty.

The kluger of course does not have CarPlay. So No Deal!

We have had a Santa Fe for nine years, 200k and no trouble at all. We are quite attracted to either the new Santa Fe or new CX-9. Mrs entropy likes all the fancy kit in the Santa Fe, so you must know what it will be. I just think the Mazda has more taste.


Thanks @Entropy :slight_smile:

I have seen reviews saying the Freemont are light on power, but the model we’re looking at has the 3.6L V6 engine, which apparently isn’t too bad, compared to the lower 2.x L engines.

Interesting though RE parts costs…

Certainly don’t need an off-roader. My mechanic suggested the Kluger as a car he’d never seen break down (recent models at least). But then I’ve seen a number of reviews stating they are over-priced and under-featured when compared to other 7 seaters of a similar nature - the Sorento or CX-9 being better options.

We really need to get out and test drive some of them…


I can highly recommend the latest Kluger.

My family have had two Klugers (2007 and now a 2015) and both have been great. Reviewers tend to hate Toyota because its a fashionable thing to do. In my experience, Toyotas, and the Kluger is no exception, do not absolutely excel in any one area, but do almost everything very well and they do very little wrong and are very very reliable. (if that makes sense).

I would say the downsides are high fuel consumption and the infotainment is a bit dated. I’d rate the interior of the Kluger as more practical than the CX-9 but not as upmarket.

The Kluger is probably regarded as less stylish than the CX-9, but personally I find the latest CX-9 quite ugly, where as the Kluger I find a bit dull but ‘handsome’ enough. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though I guess.


That fair, oldmacs
Really take a test drive in all of them and then go back and do the top two again.

Also if you can stomach him, look at John cadogan YouTube reviews,


@Entropy - I saw that guy’s video “7 worst SUVs” - which included the Fiat Freemont - however his hatred for the car seemed to stem purely from the fact it was a Fiat, and Fiat are “grubby” operators.

We are going to test drive the Fiat this weekend… and whilst we’re in Melbourne I’m hoping we can find at least 1 other car to test drive, too. Timing is a pain due to work etc, but I’d certainly prefer to try a few out rather than buying on the spot like I did with the PT Cruiser…


@cosmichobo If you want trouble free motoring avoid the Fiat. They’re known as unreliable. They’re a rebadged Dodge Journey and has been around for way too long - it has been facelifted but there is only so much facelifts can do for safety and ride quality.

While yes they are user reviews but the Journey/Freemont doesn’t fare well compared to other options.

The Japanese and Korean options such as CX-9/CX-8, Kluger, Santa Fe, Sorento, X-Trail are all a lot newer will all give relaibltily and parts that aren’t super expensive. Give them all a test drive, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.


Don’t discount the new CR-V either.


Oops I didn’t realise that it was a 7 seater :stuck_out_tongue:


Only in the most recent model :slight_smile:


Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace has a seven seater version. Now come with 5 yr unlimited Km warranty


New isn’t in my vocabulary nor budget :slight_smile:

Looking around $20k, so circa 2012 - 2016 vehicles.


I drive the new Peugeot 3008 SUV. I’ve have a copper colour one (same as photo) since April last year. I was a little apprehensive about buying a Peugeot as I know they don’t have the best reputation in Australia. But I absolutely love this car.


If you look at Klugers, look at the 2014 onwards model. The 2007-2013 model was good, but the middle 3rd seat was too small. The 2014/2015/2016 models are very similar to the current model, but lack facelift, new engine and gearbox of the 2017 update.

2016 and earlier rules out the CR-V. 2013 was the first year the X-Trail was a 7 seater.

Have you thought about the Ford Territory? Pretty good car, but was dated by 2012 (the base car wash introduced in 2004 and albeit a few updates/substantial facelifts) - I’m not overly certain about reliabltily maybe doesn’t quite match the reliability of the Korean and Japanese options. It was always praised for its handling and feeling like a car rather than a big boat.


BMW X1. Haven’t had a sedan for over 10 years, even if I went smaller I’d go for a hatch.


Same, still driving 2002 Suzuki Ignis and cant afford to upgrade. My next car will be a mobility scooter plus Uber or the bus. Cheaper to run and doesnt require registration.


I think I’m the only person in the world who likes sedans…


I love the look of a quality sedan but functionally they are rather hopeless, and sales show that people are turning away in droves. Of the top 10 selling cars in 2018, not one was a full-size sedan. SUVs, hatches and light commercial vehicles is where it’s at these days. I always loved the Mercedes C Class, always a popular car, but I just read that their sales dropped 20% last year.

Personally I want seat elevation and boot space, a sedan can’t provide either. I’ve had hatches before and I probably will again. You don’t get the elevation but you do get the boot space.

But ideally I say bring on automation. on the way to work I’d rather sleep or eat my breakfast in the car.