What do you collect?

Haha. I’m the opposite. If I could wear jeans and a (neat & tidy) T shirt everyday I would.

I am thinking of scaling back to pen, paper and analogue methods this year.

Impressive collection. I have a similar one, will try to find time to post.

One cool project I backed on Kickstarter last year was:

One Bar Co - a magnetic tie bar that allows you to change the face/colour/material - I got the top reward with 19 different types - wearing the carbon fibre one right now!

That’s awesome.

I collect old computer manuals and related books, mainly because I started buying them when they were new and have never really stopped.

Publications like the Inside Macintosh series, my copy of the rare “Commodore Plus-4 Programmers Reference Guide” and various versions of “Apple Macintosh System Software Users Guide” were acquired as they were published or came with systems I have bought over the years.

Others like my Apple 2 System/DOS/Programmer’s Guides, original IBM PC manual kits and seminal books like “Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs” as discovery and money have permitted.

Best places I’ve found for these things are charity and second-hand stores. They get some extra money for their projects, I get “antiques” in print-form - it’s win-win!

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Can a mod split the few posts in here about fashion? Would love to have a separate discussion about what people were here.

Anybody else collect Power Mac G4 Cube’s?
I’ve got a few myself:


Wow. Colour me impressed.

Insanely jealous; I love that design!

I wish I had one so I could say I collect them!

Warcraft related stuff. Used to love the game as a kid and always have. Even played World of Warcraft heavily when it first came out. Got the collectors edition of the first WoW release and have had every one since then. Also try to grab warcraft books whenever I can as I love the lore of the universe. Not that I have time to play anymore, but i’ve pre-ordered the collectors edition of the new expansion out this year as I couldn’t stand the collection being incomplete.

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I have one. :smiley:

I love Warcraft though to be honest, I preferred it when it was a strategy game. I hope one day they make more of those again.

I like lego too, although not the same enjoyment building them as it was when I was a young kid. Although still nice to have. My kids have lots too. Trying to convince them it’s better in pieces in a bag/container vs all built and on display.

I guess I never grew out of collecting model supercars and home built air fix model planes, my desk is full of them.

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Have started a collection of apple portables… i have a small place so big macs won’t fit. Loved the 90’s stuff as a kid so have added a few of the laptops that were out of reach and have enjoyed restoring them to working condition again. If someone told me in 1994 that one day i’d own a Powerbook 150 and would be 3D printing parts to make it work i wouldn’t have believed them.

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For me, i used to collect records/CDs, have quite a good collection. I’ve worked as a mobile DJ and also done a fair bit of radio so do love music. Though i don’t buy physical music much anymore.

Nice thread.

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I don’t think I collect anything. I hoard cameras. LOL


Debt, I seem to collect a lot of that :smile:


I’m starting a collection of medium format camera lenses and film.

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