What do you collect?


Debt, I seem to collect a lot of that :smile:


I’m starting a collection of medium format camera lenses and film.


Spiegelau beer glassware is a new, unexpected collectable for me.


Another round of collecting…

I’m collecting Nintendo 64 accessories and games.

The Nintendo 64 isn’t overly remarkable for game selection or quality, and many haven’t aged well, but it doesn’t matter. It symbolises a simpler time. Those late weekend nights spent in front of the screen, controller in hand. Visiting the local Blockbuster or Civic Video to see what games were available for rent this weekend, coming home with a game and a box of popcorn for the inevitable long night ahead. Without a doubt my favourite decade for games, or life in general. This little machine means a lot to me.

I’ve collected 39 unique games and 7 duplicates, 46 cartridges in total. I have 8 genuine Nintendo controllers and four aftermarkets for bashing around in Mario Party. Three controllers are in box, one of which is a Gold Japanese market import new-in-box. All controllers have original sticks and all are as new and fully functional.

I’ve ordered another 4 games and 3 controllers as well, which I’m looking forward to having here in a couple of weeks time.

The Pokemon console I’ve owned since I was a kid, and remember unboxing it on Christmas morning in 1997. I wasn’t always kind to electronics, and 20 years of abuse has left it needing some work. Some replacement parts are on their way, and within the next couple of weeks I intend to recondition both the console and controller inside and out.

It’s expensive collecting - some games are $200+ for the cartridge alone - but the enjoyment it brings is priceless.


I sold my Star Wars N64 (with box etc) plus a fist full of games to someone back on MacTalk in about 2011… Kind of miss it… Enjoyed Fighters Destiny, even if it got bad reviews.


If you’re ever on the lookout for another one, let me know. I know a place here in SA that has quite a few standard Nintendo 64s in stock with quite a few games. The available games change by the week, but I tend to check there fairly often. The consoles themselves normally go for around $150 with cables and a controller. Games vary depending on rarity.


One word sums up N64 for me: Goldeneye.

It was the only game I bought for years. I basically bought the Goldeneye console. :joy:

Played SO much of it, and usually in multiplayer. Goldeneye parties were epic.


I was undefeatable in my circle of friends.
Not sure if I was really good, or if they just sucked.


Never mind. Already said it. Just cant remember things I posted over 18 months ago.


I wonder if you ever saw this https://www.theverge.com/2016/8/12/12457748/goldeneye-007-source-mod-pc-remake-multplayer-gaming


I collect classic Amateur radio (HAM Radio) transceivers and receivers.

I have an FT-301D ready to display which will shortly replace one of the duplicated FRG-7 receivers on the bottom.


I had my dad’s old one that I think I threw away when we moved - should have donated it to you!


Thank you for the thought Erwin, it is surprising how many old radios do get junked.


I wish I kept my Nintendo 64. I also had an addon that cost me a fortune at the time. It was called a Z64. Basically it was a custom computer that sat on top and passed the cartridge port through. So you could still play your games on cartridge… BUT it enabled you to backup games to zip disks (as it had a zip drive). It was amazing… haven’t seen one posted or advertised 2nd hand in years. Infact never seen anyone else post one period. Wish I kept my unit and my N64 :slight_smile:


I have a large CD/record collection that keeps growing I`ve also been updating my sound system… a pair of second hand speakers and power cables


Kimagure Orange Road. It’s a Japanese comic and anime from the 1980s. I own a collection that takes up about seven large boxes (about a closet’s worth) and is valued at about $10K USD, collected from about the mid-90s to a couple of years ago. I have multiple versions of the comics, the anime on almost every format except VHS (LD/CDV/DVD), Japanese and American releases, soundtracks on CD and vinyl, animation cels, art books, figures, posters, pencil boards, notebooks, looseleaf paper, pencils, models, sheet music, telephone cards, and other assorted odds and ends.

I stopped collecting because what’s left to collect is so outrageously rare and expensive that it’s just not worth it. Especially since I have now met with and worked with the creator and have pieces of original art he did for me, in full color, which took him about 4 hours to do, and were at my direction (I got to tell him what I wanted exactly and he drew it). They were actually presents for my help as a valued assistant.

I don’t have everything that once existed, but I still have the largest or one of the largest collections in the entire world. And I’m the only person with those art pieces and the experiences which produced them. If I had anything to “prove,” with this collection, I think I did it. So I didn’t really care about tracking down anything else after that point.