What do you think about Apple & the NRA?


For years farmers have seen increasing numbers of feral animal attacks on stock, if you’d seen multiple sheep screaming in pain with their intestines hanging in a line for 20 metres behind them after packs of wild dog attack you might have a different view. A bolt action gun allows 1 shot which is useless against dog packs.

Managing? No… watching suffering without being able to do anything about it, not quite the same thing.

So you answer to gun control is shooting people with guns?

That seems… to run counter to your original argument.


Farmers… OK. But… what about hiring licensed hunters, you know the ones that go and shoot feral pigs, cull kangaroos and the like?

Abotu duck shooters: I was not being serious. Good night.


@Geoff3DMN - I’m not familiar with what farmers are / are not allowed to use in Australia, but I do concede they should be allowed to protect their livestock.


Seems duck hunters regularly breach the law, and the govt department charged with enforcing the laws say it’s impossible, which may lead to the end of the “sport”.

Good, I say.

Apparently there’s 180,000 members of Sporting Shooters clubs Australia wide - 1% of the population. I don’t begrudge them their sport, shooting at inanimate objects. But not shooting animals for fun.


I actually support the use of licensed hunters for culling wild dogs and shooting feral pigs but the farmers needs are more about 1st response than long term number reduction.

Sorry… it can be hard to tell when people are talking about duck hunting (which I do not approve of and think should be banned by the way).


I would be quite content to see the end of ‘sport hunting’ except for licensed feral animal hunters and I am an active proponent of banning duck hunting.

But on the other hand I’d like to see farmers allowed (after strict checks about need) to license limited semi-auto shot guns and I’d like to see target shooters than can’t currently compete in the semi-auto competitions internationally be allowed to access semi-auto target guns (which could be kept at ranges like pistols are).

And walk in pistol ranges are allowed in some states but not others, I don’t really care one way or the other… but the lack of consistency is a concern.

Our gun laws are basically good… but they could still do with some minor adjustments to fix inconsistencies.


Surely if a concerted effort to get rid of the feral dogs in bulk, the need for first response would be much less.

Agreed about duck shooting, thats why i said what I did.


A bolt action gun allows 1 shot which is useless against dog packs.

As is a semi-auto. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you’ve never shot at a wild dog pack and don’t actually know anything about it.

Here’s a little bit of insight: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-08-28/dog-trapper/4917640

Even if you’re lucky enough to catch a pack in action, you’ll be lucky to even manage to kill one given distance and movement, let alone rattle off an entire magazine and catch the pack.


The issues isn’t that a ‘concerted effort’ wouldn’t work, the issue is the size and cost of that ‘concerted effort’.

If I said to you it would require the creation of a force of professional feral pest hunters, full time with a staff of 5000 people and a budget of 500 million per year just for the state of victoria on an ongoing basis for 10 years before that ‘concerted effort’ could be relaxed, and that’s probably on the light side to be honest.

Getting funding for something of that size and cost, it just isn’t going to happen.


Actually family of mine have done that, but it isn’t really about getting multiple kills, it’s about taking multiple shots to get a single kill.

Yes trapping is an option in some locations, but it’s almost impossible to get a permit to do that in Victoria.

Maybe that’s the solution, allow trapping here again.

Would you be happier if farmers were allowed trapping permits instead of semi-auto permits?


Lol I’m not going to boycott a whole company because of a single app on their app store. It’s not as if Tim Cook personally reviews every app…


Have you watched any of the NRA TV shows?