What Podcasts do you listen to?


My list is rather eclectic!

BBC Radio:

  • The Archers - the world’s longest running radio drama. It’s an acquired taste, but I grew up listening to it in the UK and got into the podcast again 4-5 yrs ago.
  • Great Lives - interesting discussions about a famous life
  • The History Hour - history, sometimes interesting sometimes not.
  • Food Programme - Food, cooking, restaurants…
  • The Kitchen Cabinet - panel show about food and cooking…

ABC Radio:
I listen to TGIF live on the way home sometimes, and listen to the podcast if I miss the radio show. I’ll miss my weekly dose of Safran and Father Bob when Sunday Night Safran finishes.

  • Thank God it’s Friday
  • Sunday Night Safran

99pi is probably my favourite podcast. If you’re at all nerdy you MUST watch Roman Mars’ flag podcast that he did as part of the TED Talks. I’ve just watched this again as I type this, still brilliant.

  • 99% Invisible
  • Fugitive Waves

I listen to all of the Planet Money podcasts as they’re only 15-20mins normally, but only the American Life ones I think I’ll find interesting. Serial was great and can’t wait for series 2.

  • This American Life
  • Serial
  • Planet Money
  • Invisibilia

I got into these through Startup. They’re pretty good, great production values and interesting stories, but I find Startup itself a bit annoying these days as they can be pretty naive from a business perspective.

  • Startup
  • Reply All
  • Mystery Show
  • Surprisingly Awesome


  • Radiolab
  • DumTeeDum (Podcast about the Archers, see above)
  • Undisclosed: The Stave Vs Adnan Syed (Podcast about the case in the first series of Serial. Interesting but a bit long winded and biased)
  • The View from 22 (UK Politics)
  • News in Slow Japanese (I’m learning Japanese, they take a short news report, play it at native speed, then read it slowly)
  • Stuff You Should Know (sometimes interesting, sometimes seriously annoying)

I used to listen to more tech shows but they gradually stopped. I was friends with the people behind Aussie Geek Podcast but that stopped a couple of years ago, and I enjoyed Cameron Reilly’s The Podcast Network shows too, but he’s since closed up shop.

[quote=“Erwin, post:18, topic:900”]
When do you guys find time to listen to podcasts?
[/quote] I don’t listen to every episode, I’m quite quick to cull something I’m not interested in, but I try to walk for 30mins most days and listen then, plus if there’s nothing on TV I’ll listen to something. Once in a while I’ll listen at work.

I do this too. Do you listen on an iPhone? It’s annoying the sleep timer seems to be broken since ios 9


[quote=“tom, post:21, topic:900”]
It’s annoying the sleep timer seems to be broken since ios 9
[/quote] Was wondering if that had been fixed with 9.2 - As much as Podcasts app suits my needs, the sleep time problem has driven me back to Pocket Casts so that I don’t wake at 4am with all my podcasts having been played :expressionless:


Nope. If you leave the podcasts app open and just press the sleep button it works, but if you use another app or leave it on the home screen it doesn’t work. Annoying that they break these things and take forever to recognise and fix them.


YES! I love John Siracusa haha. He is very honest about how he feels


Refresh your feeds, season 2 is here!


I want to like this season but it’s just not doing it for me :frowning:


Meanwhile the Hello Internet flag referendum = classic Hello Internet.


Yes, I have to say I agree. There’s no mystery. I think the guy is an idiot at best. I’ve listened to the first few but it’s now a filler podcast, not one I wait with anticipation for unfortunately.


My favourite podcast, hands down, is The CultCast

It’s a great Apple podcast but the guys on there aren’t so super serious like some I’ve heard and they know how to have a laugh. Some Apple podcasts I’ve heard are just, incredibly vanilla.


My Dad Wrote A Porno by My Dad Wrote A Porno


Hi folks
Some great lists here…

For me:

Startup, Reply All from Gimlet
Pro Tools Expert (hoping to become one one day!
HowSound (from Transom about radio story telling).

But need some new ideas.

I also was making one of my own called Stories of You which I really must get back in to.


How long does it take you to dry yourself if you can listen to an entire podcast?


I’m a pretty tall guy


I should listen to more podcasts. Problem is my commute isn’t very long. The only other time I really listen is at the gym. If I had fallout proof bluetooth headphones I would listen to them when I run.


Geeks Interrupted (which I was on one time, made in Melbourne)
Wind Machine Podcast (all about Eurovision)
DC Rainmaker Podcast (all about fitness and running wearables)
Download this Show (ABC Tech Podcast)

I thought of starting my own one but have no idea what I would talk about :slight_smile:


The Reckoner guys led me to the Daily Tech News Show which in turn led me to the Phileas Club. Interesting podcast if you want to listen to a less US-centric point of view (although there are plenty of Yanks that appear on the show). Not a tech show, more a geo-political rumination on the state of the world.


Subscribe to heaps, but those I listen to more than others:
Criminal, CNET Apple Byte, Download This Show, NightLife (ABC), How to be a Girl, The Food Chain (BBC)

If a weekly podcast is >1hr, chances are I’m not interested,