What's Elon Smoking?


Well, we now know the answer to that question. I’m wondering if anyone here who might have put down a deposit for that Tesla which is yet to arrive in Australia is starting to wonder if they should get it back?

I’m not in the market for a Tesla and just find the entire thing amusing, but also a bit sad that a company with such promise is being led by someone with such poor judgement.


My wife thinks he’s having a mental break… I think he’s in trouble of losing his dreams.


Marijuana apparently… I’m sick of these over grown man children who treat others with contempt. Jeff Bezos is just as bad… Just look at what he’s doing to Amazon workers… I’m not buying another product from Amazon again.


He sure seems to have lost the plot lately. A belief in his own infallibility? a touch of narcissism? who knows, but smoking dope publicly is not a good look.


Musk is some kind of troll I think to be honest… It doesn’t make up for his behavior though… I think he thinks he’s infallible but he’s forgotten he’s in charge of a company that’s wort hundreds of billions of dollars and the market will punish him as they already have done.