What's your current Apple/Mac setup at home (and at work)


Is that the black polycarb macbook? I had the hots for that in a big way.


@gehenna Yup. It’s a 2006 though, so it’s not much use, as a single core, 32 bit processor. I skinned it nicely though under Linux Mint 19:


Very cool. Those polycarbs were the bain of my life unfortunately. My wife had several versions, and all of them had multiple top case cracks that needed replacements.


Yeah, the white versions were the worst, @gehenna. I’m on my third keyboard and now the back bottom around the speaker grills are straight just flaking off. I have a spare bottom case, but I’m not looking forward to doing the transplant. I really wish Apple had used a better quality plastic for the whites. Also the wireless card connector has stopped working, so I need an external wifi nub. The card is identical to the one in the 2006, so I swapped it out and it worked just fine, which proves that it’s the connector on the logicboard and that concerns me. Otherwise, given that the Penryn is a pretty capable processor, it runs pretty much everything (on Linux) that I would need it to run. The only thing I can’t handle really in 2018 is the display. That TFT TN panel is just painful compared to my various other displays (Retina, AMOLED, 4K, etc). The colors, the viewing angles, the brightness, the resolution… Wish I had the skills to actually replace the screen with something nicer. That said, I’ve decided that if the screen goes before the logic board, I’m going to turn it into a media center and put it under a TV. I just haven’t quite worked out the planning for that yet.


It does. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, really, @jaysee, I thought it did! It’s now showing up, where does it show up?

EDIT: Derp, I am an idiot. I just expected it to show up in About This Mac, but instead:


Under System Information -> Graphics. The “About this Mac” screen will only show both if the discrete GPU is the currently in use card I think. :slight_smile:

I’ve used this app sometimes in the past to see: https://gfx.io


Does it switch automatically, or is there a way I need to tell it to switch?


It’ll switch automatically when needed, unless you have external display connected in which case it’s always on. It’s also always on in Windows as no bootcamp support for live switching (and I’d assume Linux).